Monday, April 20, 2009

A Havoc TT?

its been a long time since i last attended Honda Accord Varient Owner Club TT a.k.a HAVOC session with my sm4,after countless sms i received inviting me to come hang out every weekend,i decided to show up this time since it was near to my house..alot of new faces and new rides still there are some familiar faces..Almost 20 rides from sm4 & sv4 (mostly equiped with vtec huhuh) show up that night and we all went to putrajaya for a quick drive and photoshoot.

PICC Brigde

i like this sm4 the most...jdm style all the way!

part of the family..


wohhh !!! said...

cool siot .

singbluesiliver said...

tq,ni geng zaman2 main honda accord dulu ni hehe