Monday, April 20, 2009

how super is Advan?

this is among the reason why i wanna sell the avs model 5,coz i got one of my fav rims now,the super advan!! when koopang first show me the link for yahoo auction the japanese fella wrote it was 8/9inch and offset is 30+ or something,suprising when it arrived 1month later,the rim is all rounder 9inch and offset 19+...hahahaha gtr offset!!!who said all japanese is clever hahahaha,but thanks to him,i got cheap hehe...

in front of home sweet home

same pattern with my sm4 but different size and even my "kaphai" 125z is using 3 spoke wheel

the helping hand,thanks Lan and Ipin

yeah i know,the tyre is too big,this is how its look when u put 245/45/17 to a slammed car....and i also have to raise up the height a little bit due to the clearance...i got no choice since im broke again this month,so might as well use is coz 2pcs of the tyre stiil got 95 percent of tread and production year is 2008...but to hell with it!!super advan still look good on jyu hahahaha

this also mean i will be returning Joe 40c bridgestone rims...thanks again bro!


wohhh !!! said...

pergh !! kaya siot mamat latihan niee . haha

singbluesiliver said...

hahaha mana dtg ko kaya....kayap ade la..

Amar Gencos said...

kaya ar..tiap2 bulan tukar rim..tsk tsk.

tp ak suke rim joe40sen lg...hehehe..

spender ni kalo kaler lain cun knape msti spender ek??????

singbluesiliver said...

ha ha ha,rezeki ade murah skit,boleh la beli...

dulu masa zaman aku start main kete aku ade tgk seekor skoiline gee tee arr 32 guna rim ni...spec yg sama dgn kaler merah yg same..tapi itu subjektif la,aku minat,ko mungkin x jiwa lama sezaman dgn aku je yang paham hahahahaha