Sunday, April 26, 2009

an old companion..

Back in the year 2000,with the help from my dad,and a little saving,i bought my self a motorcycle,called Yamaha in 2009 it still with me and entering its 9 years..the same bike that have been taking me to school,the "rempit" days,the university and now as the main transportation for me to go to work and back..i have a lot memory with this old friend...due to its fuel inefficiency it sometime got me thinking of switching to another bike,like a Honda Ex5 or Yamaha 135LC..but having to travel from kajang to shah alam every weekend,i still need a motorcycle with a decent power..and so far its doesnt give me a major problem,so i guessing it gonna be with me for a kinda long time...even if the fuel consumption is like hell hahahaha...(imagine from kajang to shah alam cost me around rm9 full tank,one way journey,not including 2t)

last saturday,changing the gasket for block due to leaking...deng how i like 3 spoke wheel ha ha ha...its limited edition Enkei rim by Yamaha price range for this kinda rim is easily rm600 to rm1k hu hu hu..

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