Monday, April 13, 2009

the slammed Jyu!

hehe i agree with Yus 180sx campaign to slammed ur ride

people often asked why i like to take picture of my car during night time,its too dark and cant see clearly..
my answer is becoz it hide the ugly-ness,dirty,unwashed and the bad condition of the car hahaha..the other reason is thats the only time that im free when im back during the weekend...

here's the latest pic of Jyu during day time after i install the fake Gtr lips..

thanks to Ah lek for installing it (the same person who done my KE70 bodyworks)

yeah i know joe,the rims is nice hahahaha

the blue cup is to show how low my car is imagine it with big win....hehe

cant help noticing that the paint started to chipped and the white colour are slowy turning to the "rust cancer" on some part of the body is rapidly increasing due to direct exposion to rain and sun...huhuhu thats not a good news is it...


Amar Gencos said...

lawa dah tuuuu.

tp soalan cepumas dia;

cmne nak lepas hump weh? seb baikla aku nye kete blkg tu leaf spring.. melepas ajat nk rendahkan blkg..tsk tsk

singbluesiliver said...


rahsianye adalah "rancang perjalanan anda"hahahahha..
semasa di bumper jalan,"mengular"la dgn kadar yang paling perlahan (pedulikan kenderaan lain diblkg) dan berdoa la agar bahagian bawah tidak tersagat hahahhaha