Thursday, May 28, 2009

the reason to go muscle....

aaaa now i know,what make daigo saito decided to switch to mustang..this is maybe one of the reason..

this video is about Vaughn Gittin Jr. (D1 n Formula D US Drifter)tour to japan to promo the new 09 ford mustang there..check out the rest of the chapter at youtube

let see if u can spot saito missile 90 in the video hehe

Sunday, May 24, 2009

oh F*ck!!damn!!

Lativa Drifting Accident - People Hit [Graphic Warning]

Lativa Drifting Event...thats why it say "Motorsports is Dangerous!!" safety first people..

sources: wrecked magazine

and the result is !!

thanks for voting on my blog of which Jzx Family do u Prefer....

1st place Jzx81

2nd place is Jzx90

3rd place is a tie between Jzx100

and Gx71

and in 4th place is Jzx110

one more month....

Wednesday 18th June 2008,i took a day off...Someone at ur car (a person), Eddy G and me went to Kampung Jawa,Klang to picked up what could have been my future ride and my next project (i havent got a name for it that time) from the middle man/car seller at around 9pm if im not mistake..we're waiting at Shell petrol station there...he then came with the car and apologize for the late-ness,due to a long que during inspection at Puspakom that day..
After checking all the paper and document needed,i handed the cash to him..sit inside the car and start the engine for the first time...before we went home,i decided to fill up the gas as the fuel tacho needle showing at E level..parked the car at pump section,and went straight to the counter and said to the pump attendent (a female)..

Me:"Rm30 yer"(Rm30 please)
Female att:"tapi tu pump untuk diesel"(but thats for diesel vehicle only)
Me: "yer la kete tu diesel" (yes my car is using diesel)
Female att: "Hahaha Ooo first time saya tgk kete camni ade pakai diesel hehe"(laughing,this is the first time i saw this kind of car using Diesel continue laughing)
Me: "heheheh"(Bugger!)

Eddy G was laughing all the way back seeing my face expression that time...mixed feeling of happy and whether if i make the right decision that time...cant stopped thinking why is 2.4cc diesel engine is so slow and how crappy the allignment was haha....dropped Eddy G at Shah Alam,and went home..too sleepy to check out inside out of the went to sleep coz i still have to worked tomorrow..

out my house...

loving the merc wheel caps hehe...kinda scared as the door on the driver side cannot be locked..the next day i found that the door wasnt shut properly and glove box was open..lucky there was nothing missing...hahaha like it was anything to be stolen in the first place except for the car itself...huhuhu..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

lets go hunting!

after been waiting for quite sometime,finally its been granted!!!and the search begin...too bad my sifu Eddy G is not around this weekend...he's on expedition at Sabah..trying to conquer Mount Kinabalu i think?hahaha...

Monday, May 18, 2009

the flashback....

back then..

now..same situation,same place,similar rival (Team Toyo) different cars....Daigo saito relive the memory of the crash he had with Kuroi's team mate Kawabata at 2008 D1gp Round 2 at Fuji Speedway...

100 tu seratos ek rulez!!ha ha ha


i feel good after watching so many jzx81 get hu hu

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go Abe go!!


me and Eddy G been waiting and searching for so long to see video of Okabe in action(including the jzx81 gang),to see how fast his entry speed,becoz before all we find is mostly pic,
thanks to Alexi btw hehe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

short clip..

jzx81 bosuzoku style spotted in this 7tune video preview...during Ebisu Spring Drift fest

Ebisu Drift Matsuri May 2009 Preview from 7tune on Vimeo.

check out the 81 angle...superb!

thanks Speedhunters and 7tune hehe

Next stop..

El-Azzhar Camp...(dont get me wrong,this is not a military /terrorist camp ok hahaha)

im there becoz i have to attend a 3 days 2 night Team Building program for my office,the camp is located at Morib,Kuala Langat,Selangor..

the place is relaxing,plus got a few outdoor facilities like paintball area,flying fox tower,rope trailing courses,and many others

since the dorm is full,my stay is at the yellow Bungalow along with the rest of my office mate..

over all its really tiring,but i really enjoyed it,learned many new things,get to know my office mate better.. i also counter my fear of height by doing a rope trailing course on top of trees and flying fox..i even try playing paintball for the first time hehe.....

off to Dengkil,next for a week or two....huhuhu

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Haruguchi like...

latest mms from king of wheel fitment,as he is still experimenting with the car height...hehe

for me this low enough as it still havent installed aerokit....but.....

Joe40c still wanted it an inch lower ha ha ha....but he does said that his main concern its not aerokit itself but the engine oil sump..

sorry if u dislike the pic editing,im still experimenting/learning with picasa photo editor hehe

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Barter and mini TT...

Sunday, i swap a bunch of stuff that i didnt used anymore,for a big x80 grey carpet with happy to get rid off the thing all that is left for him to take is the x80 front hood and bumper..

old supension,front and rear light,grill...

as u can see Aim still maintain the ori x80 look,so the parts will be useful for him,as spare..hehe

a mini gath at Cheras BRJ with Aim and his twin Man,Mr Koops,Ipin and Lan while watching Moto GP Spain on Astro..

we also did a comparison test between jzx80 (previously was sx80) and the original seem from the rear door to the bonnet there is a small different in length (around 7cm),and jzx81 roofline seems to be lower (around 3cm) than x80...

what a fun day it is hehe...

Photo of the day...

dont mind me,im just bored hahaha

black and white,white and red.....

what a hot day this past weekend
and i would like to thanks all my buddies who came by for my sister wedding last saturday! i really appriciated it.. :)