Sunday, May 10, 2009

Next stop..

El-Azzhar Camp...(dont get me wrong,this is not a military /terrorist camp ok hahaha)

im there becoz i have to attend a 3 days 2 night Team Building program for my office,the camp is located at Morib,Kuala Langat,Selangor..

the place is relaxing,plus got a few outdoor facilities like paintball area,flying fox tower,rope trailing courses,and many others

since the dorm is full,my stay is at the yellow Bungalow along with the rest of my office mate..

over all its really tiring,but i really enjoyed it,learned many new things,get to know my office mate better.. i also counter my fear of height by doing a rope trailing course on top of trees and flying fox..i even try playing paintball for the first time hehe.....

off to Dengkil,next for a week or two....huhuhu

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