Sunday, May 24, 2009

one more month....

Wednesday 18th June 2008,i took a day off...Someone at ur car (a person), Eddy G and me went to Kampung Jawa,Klang to picked up what could have been my future ride and my next project (i havent got a name for it that time) from the middle man/car seller at around 9pm if im not mistake..we're waiting at Shell petrol station there...he then came with the car and apologize for the late-ness,due to a long que during inspection at Puspakom that day..
After checking all the paper and document needed,i handed the cash to him..sit inside the car and start the engine for the first time...before we went home,i decided to fill up the gas as the fuel tacho needle showing at E level..parked the car at pump section,and went straight to the counter and said to the pump attendent (a female)..

Me:"Rm30 yer"(Rm30 please)
Female att:"tapi tu pump untuk diesel"(but thats for diesel vehicle only)
Me: "yer la kete tu diesel" (yes my car is using diesel)
Female att: "Hahaha Ooo first time saya tgk kete camni ade pakai diesel hehe"(laughing,this is the first time i saw this kind of car using Diesel continue laughing)
Me: "heheheh"(Bugger!)

Eddy G was laughing all the way back seeing my face expression that time...mixed feeling of happy and whether if i make the right decision that time...cant stopped thinking why is 2.4cc diesel engine is so slow and how crappy the allignment was haha....dropped Eddy G at Shah Alam,and went home..too sleepy to check out inside out of the went to sleep coz i still have to worked tomorrow..

out my house...

loving the merc wheel caps hehe...kinda scared as the door on the driver side cannot be locked..the next day i found that the door wasnt shut properly and glove box was open..lucky there was nothing missing...hahaha like it was anything to be stolen in the first place except for the car itself...huhuhu..

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wohhh !!! said...

asal keta tu diesel .. bising lah nanti dot .