Monday, July 20, 2009

Hunting session is almost over..

got my halfcut already,as it arrived at the workshop took some time unloading due the workshop is currently packed with customer car..

unloading time..

engine bay, mileage of 113km

dashboard still in good condition,long shaft,big carpet and sr20 stock intercooler??wtf!

R154 gearbox and the mechanic confirms it..with stock clutch

clutch pump with custom made heat shield..also noticed something weird about the brake paddle,easy to heel and toe maybe??

finally here a short video of the engine idling and revving with rm5 of petrol,the engine sure drinks a lot fuel.. and i do meant a lot hahahaha...

was quite worried when the compressor was not working,after a quick check, the gas has ran out..fuh...honestly,im dead broke now hahahaha
next i need to find a proper intercooler and IRS subframe..

eventually i have to wait for the workshop to clear its major job first before i can send my car there,and as for the 1jz engine will be dismantle from the chassis...hope this wont take so long... coz i cant wait!!


sal said...

awesome!! good luck

singbluesiliver said...

thanks bro :)
btw nice blog u got there

xpitt said...

u r one lucky man..hehe

i got a hunch that everything will be ok bro..coz in that hunch, i feel like riding on co driver seat in ur monster...ngehehe.

singbluesiliver said...

^^ tq hehe,insyallah bole,xde hal nye pitt hehehe

Anonymous said...

sounds nasty (in a good way)! thanks for checkin' out our blog, cheers from USA ^^

singbluesiliver said...

hehe thanks :)