Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Petrol hike...

just got the news,effective from 12.01am Tuesday the price for petrol will increase again,making

Ron95 unleaded (a so call genius combination of Ron 92 + Ron97...duhhh) will be Rm1.80 per liter (5 cent increased)


Ron97 unleaded will be Rm2.05 per liter (25 cent increased)

looks like i have to fill up with Ron95 after this....thanks to our glorious government and leadershit..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sight Seeing is Fun...

Saturday,when to the workshop and due to some minor setback the guys still haven't installed the engine...

but they already painted the engine bay silver..hehe

then i decided to follow Eddy G service his rear JIC adjustable at PRS Sim Seri Kembangan..

dunno why servicing the rear is more expensive than the front...rm250 a piece huhuhu.....

spotted this 1jz cressida with chaser facelift modifying the stock suspension to an adjustable..quoted price rm1200 only,for the front set......errk....hahaha

next we picked up Joe666 a.k.a Gaban and went sight seeing in "Sunway" to see cool cars there and wasting time waiting for break fasting...

this supra is owned by the boss of Powercube Motorsport (specialize tuner in 1jz,rb and even 4g-evo engine) check out the rims and the mighty Grippin 6port brake...we also commented on some of the things we like and we dont..hahahha

spotted my dream car...the original GTR 32....

after spending almost half a day there,its time to go home,and Eddy G invited us for "buka puasa" at his house with his family and Gabans...good time and lets do it again next time hehe

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

too much love is never enough...


its confirms that Jimmy/ah kai have bought back his ex-car...

a little smoke that goes all the way

during drift practice on the 23th august 09 at Mardi..(yupe its on monday hehe)

anyway,welcome back to family!! looking forward to see this monster and other x8 army in the upcoming drift event hehe

photo: tina / facebook
sources: tina / ah kai

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wagon anyone??


as if one is never enough..deng deng deng.....

Rain or Shine...

jzx90 + bn sports = u never go wrong...
My fav photo for today...

Monday, August 24, 2009



after sending it to foundry for polishing..Eddie G will try experimenting with other of the engine parts hehe

while we are on the topic of "shining" here is some insane "bling-bling"

found it in Klang, not sure the price or exact spec...but one thing for sure its really wide joe40c??how bout it??hahahha

Up on the Ramp..

Monday 4.30pm came to visit the workshop, they already remove the 2L engine from the chassis,along with the other stuff..

empty inside haha..btw no major rust on front side of the chassis..

the faithful 2L..size quite smaller compare to 1jz..

the inside of the car is really flooded hahaha

and also decided to paint the engine bay with silver colour..
we shall see how its goes..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2.4D the last journey..

Saturday morning,1st day of Fasting, wake up early to sent Jyu to the workshop in Petaling Jaya,the reason is to avoid traffic or road block since the car got no road-tax and to add on to that,the brake lamp isn't working hehe...

the last time i pumping Diesel...

now awaiting for my friend, Cikgu he will be escorting me along the way..

30 minute later we arrived in front of the workshop..(there's Cikgu Iz btw) i guess this is the last run for the 2L engine..thanks hehe..

hello 1jz!here's the loose part that have been dismantle from the halfcut..

after dropping Jyu,we went to "Setapak" to check out Cikgu Iz car progress, undergoing a paint job..

after the blue satria is done,his Perdana will be next..

guess who's car that i spotted also...its Din @ Conflict Tuning X80,with the new paint of white pearl!hope that Din didn't forget the silver lining hehe

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fasting means "Puasa"..

To All Muslim,Happy Fasting guys in the Holy Month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

Btw i'll will try to give an update on Jyu and my Halfcut next week..stay tuned!thanks

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everything Real Big!

good song,good editing,what can i say,i like cool stuff..during Formula D Seattle..check out Ross Petty / Garage Boso S15..thats one of hella entry speed and smoked!!.im not a fan of s15 myself but this is just deng..also noticed a few cars using RPF01 rims hehe me like to Joshua Herron's and the speedhunters..(best viewed in full screen)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

collecting dust...

stuff that i been keeping all this time in the drawer...
hope can fit it to jyu soon....when la wei huhu......

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blue Bus Coloured Car

On saturday a visit to Sg. Besar, Sabak Bernam to check out Ipin KE70 4age engine conversion,At first Ipin wanted use a carburetor version of the engine (which i totally disagree) saying its cheaper..but ditch the idea due to many trial and error process involved, making it not worth it..(a little history about the engine he bought from the is assumed that the original wiring on the 4age was destroy in a fire due to short circuit,becoz what left of wiring got burn marks..) the car progress is around 90 percent complete,only awaiting for wiring and ecu from a donor car..oh btw the engine is running on a 4k gearbox instead of the original t50 transmission..we'll see how its goes within another 2 weeks when he come back to kajang..

Blast From The Past..

Doraemon???found it at my house area in s.alam..haha
nick sorona have gone a long way from its stock form....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Legendary 81!

Tsuyoshi Tezuka jzx81
in the early Day he started using an auto chaser...(green colour if im not pic)
chaser..then convert the original front facelift to a Mark II model

next Mark II chassis
street legal days

drift tengoku article

upgrade to Gt wing
final stage 1.5J...
sadly he didnt manage to win any D1GP championship during his career with this car...despite his crazy entry speed,smoked like hell and super 2005 Tezuka got sponsor by Bee Racing and switch to a Nissan Skyline R32 instead...
till this day he still kept the Mark II at his kidsheart garage...the reason??only Tezuka knows hehe

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

always check ur tire first!

Vaugn Gittin Jr. Crashes at Turn 1 in Las Vegas

what flat tire can do to u..

Snatcher Joe!

"i steal it from Lijet....hahaha" joe40c


more news from wrecked..

Drifting reached the national news in Japan over the weekend after a huge sting was put down on street drifting. The meet was at Oi wharf over in Tokyo’s Ota ward and the police came down hard last night. Over 130 cars were busted and 64 people were arrested according to the reports we have had translated for us. The story is circling around Japan’s mainstream media today!among those who were caught include D1GP driver Haruyama..(noticed two busted jzx100 in the vids hehe)

who says japanese cops didnt do their job maybe have something to do with the school girl death while watching her stupid noob friend drifting and accidentally ran over her....(sorry, cant seems to find the link)

Monday, August 3, 2009

How True is Orange??

“Team Orange Refuse to Tandem at D1GP Chicago and More!?”

According to some reports from fans, drivers, and people closely linked to teams have filled me in on what seems to be a mess of epic proportions. The event really fell apart when the Tanaka Vs. Wang battle took place. Apparently Forrest Wang defeated Tanaka and the Japanese drivers went insane. They demanded a OMT and were not issued it. Kumakubo was scheduled to battle Forrest Wang in the top 4 and refused to run a tandem battle with him.I understand being upset about a bad call but what poor sportsman ship that is from the Team Orange camp which is a huge disappointment to not only us at Wrecked Magazine but the thousands of fans who paid money to watch them drift.
Apparently a fan I spoke with says the crowd got wind of the activities and started “booing” and chanting “bullshit.” Then it appeared that Nomuken was going to refuse to run as well passing Forrest Wang into a victory. Eventually Nomuken came out and tandemed with Forrest Wang which drew a OMT. Then Nomuken cleanly earned a victory for the night. One thing neglected was a third place run however and somehow Harri Hokkanen was just issued third place without any formal runs.
Mind you this is a story we pieced together from several people’s experience that we trust who were either fans or people we have known and worked with for some time. We will keep you updated on this story as more information comes out from the D1GP USA party and the others involved. As for now it looks like we just have a ton of unanswered questions on our table.
UPDATE: Now being told I down played the drama with the finals between Nomuken and Wang. Fans waited around 20 minutes they say for the tandem battle to occur. Wang was staged and ready and Nomuken was not coming to the line and it took around 20 minutes for this to happen.

a copy and paste from Wrecked

its happening again,remember the previous event in USA with the Japanese Drifter??
u be the judge...what happen to Drift supposed to be fun thingy??

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Breath

Considering the Stock 1jz intercooler cost around rm100-200,i decided to top up a little and get this instead...

nothing fancy...just a stock one also...

a stock GTR intercooler huhu!!(dunno from which model)