Sunday, August 23, 2009

2.4D the last journey..

Saturday morning,1st day of Fasting, wake up early to sent Jyu to the workshop in Petaling Jaya,the reason is to avoid traffic or road block since the car got no road-tax and to add on to that,the brake lamp isn't working hehe...

the last time i pumping Diesel...

now awaiting for my friend, Cikgu he will be escorting me along the way..

30 minute later we arrived in front of the workshop..(there's Cikgu Iz btw) i guess this is the last run for the 2L engine..thanks hehe..

hello 1jz!here's the loose part that have been dismantle from the halfcut..

after dropping Jyu,we went to "Setapak" to check out Cikgu Iz car progress, undergoing a paint job..

after the blue satria is done,his Perdana will be next..

guess who's car that i spotted also...its Din @ Conflict Tuning X80,with the new paint of white pearl!hope that Din didn't forget the silver lining hehe

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