Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Petrol hike...

just got the news,effective from 12.01am Tuesday the price for petrol will increase again,making

Ron95 unleaded (a so call genius combination of Ron 92 + Ron97...duhhh) will be Rm1.80 per liter (5 cent increased)


Ron97 unleaded will be Rm2.05 per liter (25 cent increased)

looks like i have to fill up with Ron95 after this....thanks to our glorious government and leadershit..


mryms said...

awww FUCK.

singbluesiliver said...

yeah fuck big time!!

Amar Gencos said...

eh aku rase rb20, 1jz, xseswai aa pump ron95..

baca kat mana tah..

singbluesiliver said...

hmmmm,kopak la jawab nye,kete hanya keluar pada 25hb setiap bulan je la,sebab time tu gaji hahahaha