Monday, August 3, 2009

How True is Orange??

“Team Orange Refuse to Tandem at D1GP Chicago and More!?”

According to some reports from fans, drivers, and people closely linked to teams have filled me in on what seems to be a mess of epic proportions. The event really fell apart when the Tanaka Vs. Wang battle took place. Apparently Forrest Wang defeated Tanaka and the Japanese drivers went insane. They demanded a OMT and were not issued it. Kumakubo was scheduled to battle Forrest Wang in the top 4 and refused to run a tandem battle with him.I understand being upset about a bad call but what poor sportsman ship that is from the Team Orange camp which is a huge disappointment to not only us at Wrecked Magazine but the thousands of fans who paid money to watch them drift.
Apparently a fan I spoke with says the crowd got wind of the activities and started “booing” and chanting “bullshit.” Then it appeared that Nomuken was going to refuse to run as well passing Forrest Wang into a victory. Eventually Nomuken came out and tandemed with Forrest Wang which drew a OMT. Then Nomuken cleanly earned a victory for the night. One thing neglected was a third place run however and somehow Harri Hokkanen was just issued third place without any formal runs.
Mind you this is a story we pieced together from several people’s experience that we trust who were either fans or people we have known and worked with for some time. We will keep you updated on this story as more information comes out from the D1GP USA party and the others involved. As for now it looks like we just have a ton of unanswered questions on our table.
UPDATE: Now being told I down played the drama with the finals between Nomuken and Wang. Fans waited around 20 minutes they say for the tandem battle to occur. Wang was staged and ready and Nomuken was not coming to the line and it took around 20 minutes for this to happen.

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its happening again,remember the previous event in USA with the Japanese Drifter??
u be the judge...what happen to Drift supposed to be fun thingy??

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