Wednesday, September 30, 2009

monster V8 A31 4 sale

Drift House boss Joe han is selling his monster ride... any taker??

full spec and more pic here

A duck that gonna miss it tail...

found it through best thing about it,that its cheap hehe

made by Toyota,but dunno what model....

around 49 inch long...

the earth is moving...

around 6.20p.m i felt a small tremors here in shah alam..a small earth quake..around 15 second,now awaiting for the latest news on the television..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Eddy Gone Boso!

slammed with 15inch wheel hahahaha

Ucapan Raya di Perantauan....

dari Tuan Karim,En. Kuntom dengan ucapan...
"abg tunggu adik2 di bukit sekia"

ha ha ha....

Apply, Scrub and Paint

thanks to Ipin and Lan for helping me out..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Accident This Weekend at World Drift Series in China

A cut and paste from,

This World Drift Series has been going on in China for several years now as some American drifters make the trek out to the communist nation for some sliding. For a long time we have heard rumors about lack luster safety and a disregard for anything at these events. That of course puts the spectators, organizers, and drivers in a horrible position.

From reports we are getting out of China is that the RSR Silvia above was driven by Formula D driver Ross Petty and he was on fire all night at the event. At one point he swung a little wide and flew through the tire barrier you can see in the top photograph. After plowing through some tires simply held together with a chain which was the “safety median” Ross unfortunately made contact with someone injuring them. We are not sure on the person’s current condition but we do know this person was there working as security of some sort and was not a spectator. We did choose to not post some photos we felt were too graphic and we apologize if you deem the ones we used were. Word has come out of China before with cars being flipped over without cages and things of that nature but this is the first personal injury we have heard of or photos we have seen. Our prayers/thoughts go out to the injured party and we are sure Ross Petty is shaken up pretty bad as well.


Ouch,thats gotta hurt...


Team Orange WRX Crashes at D1GP Odaiba

during tsuiso battle Tanaka between (i think) and Taniguchi....damn u poles!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eid with 40c...

i know most of all miss Joe40c 180sx,so here are his latest mms pic of the car..

nothing much...90 degree front bonnet..

less wiring,more headache hehe

Now in My Hometown...

looks like Lijet ex- vip cresta exchange owner again,saw it in Kajang last Monday driven by a Chinese lady...

p/s: the previous owner either have a poor eye sight or no taste in colour...why on earth do u choose this colour anyway??..eerrgh...hahahah

*photo credit to Bos Bosuzoku!

sometime i hate white part 2..

i am done polishing,so far most of the body is still okay,only a few place needed a new layer of paint..

this is how its look after 2 days of scrubbing the dirt..and if ur wondering the purpose of the spray cans in the pic...

yeah,i spray the fiber Gtr lips to white colour...

another step done for the car inspection...

Monday, September 21, 2009

sometimes i hate white...

here's what i been doing all day hands hurt..the stain is so stubborn..and only half side of the car is done, will continue tomorrow...huhu

i also notice a few things that need my attention,
1) rear boot cannot be open..
2) left side fenders lose a screw,so its making a fucking noise....
3) left side door need to be align back..having a hard time closing the door
4) the fuel tank cover cannot be locked..
5) the front bonnet is hard to open...its like its stuck...
6) some part of the body need to be painted

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No more motorboat sound...

Saturday, A day before Eid,when to Semenyih to do the Exhaust system on Jyu.. Keong (the shop Owner) is an old friend of mine,ever since the Honda days i been sending my car there.. he is pretty details in his works and listen to what i want..

Keong (in the right)bending the 3inch pipe...

im using 3inch white steel material(stainless steel is expansive weh),and used back the diesel muffler,after the car inspection i will change it back to straight the car is very silence..deng...

outside Cikgu Iz house,waiting for his car to arrived ....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya / Happy Eid 2009

first of all i just feel sad that the month of Ramadan are leaving..anyway i would like to wish all my Muslim friends a "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin", "Happy Holiday" and thanks for been following/ supporting this blog and me...
this year i will be celebrating raya in my hometown in Kajang,if u there do call me and drop by :)
drive safe and take care!

Thursday 1 a.m at the car wash...looks like the dirt aint going away....Jyu really need a new paint.....and !@#$%$(@!*!^#&$ i forgot to tell the workers not to spray the chemical to the rims...and now the super advan chrome dished is screwed with yellow and black spot all over its not shining anymore....damn more sadness to add to that...PANG!!!

Crunch Time The Finale...

Tuesday, i got the call saying the Mark II is ready..Yesterday, around 10a.m Ipin, Lan and Me came to pick up the car..we left there around 3p.m becoz Ah Wa forgot to install the boost meter, turbo timer and the Air Filter..

What is not done yet...

1) the exhaust piping,Jyu sounded like a Battleship,but when the engine reached its full boost,the sound is like all hell brake loose hehe....
2) Gtr Intercooler installation,will come back to the workshop in 2 weeks time after running in...currently using the stock 1jz intercooler (borrow from Ah ho)

lets go home y'all

this how the dash look at night,noticed the fuel gauge is not working,need to find the fuel tank float...

If U Hate JZX100 Go Kill Ur Self ~!

Got this MMS Pic from Amat_Dx

nice number yo..

hmmm everything is nice,only it need to be slammed more!

i think this is maybe Zee new rides

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crunch Time Part 2

Monday, 1.00pm as Raya and the holiday just around the corner,im having a doubt whether the Guys at the workshop can finish up Jyu in time.. but its okay becoz i already started the engine today hehe,damn im excited...been dreaming for this day to come for long-long time...1 year and 8 month to be i was checking around while the engine is idling,suddenly it start jerking,and Ah Wa Shouted at me "oit-oit,kasi padam,minyak tarak"(turn off the engine,not enough fuel)hahahahaha.....

on the ground again,see no doors..btw i love this height setting hehe...just a little bit more

next headache that they will be facing is when installing the Gtr Intercooler..lucky Eddy G lend his piping for sample,thanks

still a mess.....i dunno why but i cant seem to get my eyes off that gear lever and the metal plate hehe

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crunch Time!

Ah Wa doin the wiring job..

Saturday, 6.30pm got the call from the workshop,the engine have been started..wuhuhu!!

KL version of Wangan Midnight?

spotted this in Setapak, KL

the famous back...

240z in the making,cant wait to see the finish result!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

DIY : X8 Nissan 4 pot Installation

A Few of X8 members ask me how to do it,and Its really easy,u only need a washer/spacer
or u can custom it at the foundry shop,but make sure the measurement is right between disc/rotor and the adjustable..

the positioning..

close up,hehe a little bit rusty...

some adjustable have a disc cover,but since the nissan 4pot is quite big compare to the stock 1jz brake,u can either cut it or throw it away like me hahaha....

here's the measurement
thanks to Eddy G

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Uselessly Cool: X71

a copy paste from Noriyaro
more pic and story here,

thanks Alexi

Eddy G with G7..

Sunday, assisting Eddy G changing his Mark II new wheels,
Panasport G7
17 x 8.5 (F)
17 x 9.5 (R)
offset not sure

fitment is just nice,but still need to knocked up the inner side of the fender as it slowly slicing the tyre..

nick called this rim panasemot hahaha,and noted to myself,rims play an important factor in changing the car characteristic and looks...(btw, the mudflap gotta go hehe)

Eddy G seem to be low on energy in the fasting month hahaha

Saturday, September 5, 2009

U know Ur Famous When....

ur face is in every bottle of Red line Oil..

sources : Tezuka Blog

Killing Time On Another Saturday..

Saturday 1 p.m,When to the workshop again,to drop off the intercooler..the guys already found the missing long shaft,its been kept inside the got a call from Din @ Conflict Tuning saying he wanna drop by and pick up the un used Diesel steering rack bracket for his car..

while waiting for him,i decided to spray my rusted RCA..

after getting rid off the rust with sand paper, Ipin helping me with the spraying using the left over silver spray can from the engine bay..

the finish product, my Freedoms custom made RCA!!

3 hours later,

Din showed up with his family and the freshly paint x80 mark II..he apologize for coming late,and the reason becoz he's just finish replacing the cracked front windscreen..the price?? RM650!!! huhu thats expensive huh... his car is in its final touch up before under going the "Puspakom" Car inspection...good luck bro!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

sound interesting...

for sale....

One J inside!

Friday, 6.00 p.m,

the engine is in...and now they focusing on the wiring and mostly interior stuff..i try to bring the intercooler tomorrow..

the floor on the gearbox have to be cut a litte as the positioning seem to be a little behind than before..

the stock jzx81 auto ecu,with the mysterious writing on it "Bobo" "Jun" and something that look like a signature..maybe???

little Karim??saw this kitten wondering around the workshop covered with oil but yet its so adorable and different compare to my Karim... hahahaha

however,they seem to be a little problem...the long shaft that came with the halfcut is missing..dunno where its miss place...O.o blimey...isk

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Low Rides..

something that been going in my mind for quite sometimes...

normal truck that been used by the fishmonger here in malaysia..hehe

guess whats powering this vehicle,RB26dett yo!!

for more info

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Move

Tuesday,came to visit and...

crossmember,master brake pump,wiring have been install..also change the wear and tear parts on the engine like timing belt,seal and the mechanic even spray my cam pulley

still sorting..and the top of the dash is up

here whats left of it,not much,but still can do,and considering im out of budget,i decided to use it back..

just a little bit more...

Power FC FAQ

stumble across this link

a good read for those who were thinking of upgrading their stock ECU...but,becoz the unit is engine specific and Apexi has stop the production already,finding for a Jzx81 is damn hard..huhu

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full Throttle at Mitsui

this is the rest of it...

"Full throttle" boss,Tori san superb s14

clean is still the word of the day..

the rest of the only no toyota hahaha

can u spot kuntom?hehe

owh....i always have a soft spot for levin coupe..check out the watanabe hehe

aaaa hundred tu seratos ek??hahaha

c35 esp for enche Amat hehe