Thursday, September 24, 2009

Accident This Weekend at World Drift Series in China

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This World Drift Series has been going on in China for several years now as some American drifters make the trek out to the communist nation for some sliding. For a long time we have heard rumors about lack luster safety and a disregard for anything at these events. That of course puts the spectators, organizers, and drivers in a horrible position.

From reports we are getting out of China is that the RSR Silvia above was driven by Formula D driver Ross Petty and he was on fire all night at the event. At one point he swung a little wide and flew through the tire barrier you can see in the top photograph. After plowing through some tires simply held together with a chain which was the “safety median” Ross unfortunately made contact with someone injuring them. We are not sure on the person’s current condition but we do know this person was there working as security of some sort and was not a spectator. We did choose to not post some photos we felt were too graphic and we apologize if you deem the ones we used were. Word has come out of China before with cars being flipped over without cages and things of that nature but this is the first personal injury we have heard of or photos we have seen. Our prayers/thoughts go out to the injured party and we are sure Ross Petty is shaken up pretty bad as well.


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