Monday, September 14, 2009

Crunch Time Part 2

Monday, 1.00pm as Raya and the holiday just around the corner,im having a doubt whether the Guys at the workshop can finish up Jyu in time.. but its okay becoz i already started the engine today hehe,damn im excited...been dreaming for this day to come for long-long time...1 year and 8 month to be i was checking around while the engine is idling,suddenly it start jerking,and Ah Wa Shouted at me "oit-oit,kasi padam,minyak tarak"(turn off the engine,not enough fuel)hahahahaha.....

on the ground again,see no doors..btw i love this height setting hehe...just a little bit more

next headache that they will be facing is when installing the Gtr Intercooler..lucky Eddy G lend his piping for sample,thanks

still a mess.....i dunno why but i cant seem to get my eyes off that gear lever and the metal plate hehe


Amar Gencos said...

Suhweet!!! Envy gler tgk kete ensem ni... Nnt nak shotgun ride ek!! Dapat merasa 1jz powahh ni pun ok da..

Gen gen gen. Book satu seat!!!

singbluesiliver said...

hensom tu pasal lighting kamera,tgk betul2 cat dah mcm Harem..hahaha..boleh je nak shotgun ride hehe,