Saturday, September 5, 2009

Killing Time On Another Saturday..

Saturday 1 p.m,When to the workshop again,to drop off the intercooler..the guys already found the missing long shaft,its been kept inside the got a call from Din @ Conflict Tuning saying he wanna drop by and pick up the un used Diesel steering rack bracket for his car..

while waiting for him,i decided to spray my rusted RCA..

after getting rid off the rust with sand paper, Ipin helping me with the spraying using the left over silver spray can from the engine bay..

the finish product, my Freedoms custom made RCA!!

3 hours later,

Din showed up with his family and the freshly paint x80 mark II..he apologize for coming late,and the reason becoz he's just finish replacing the cracked front windscreen..the price?? RM650!!! huhu thats expensive huh... his car is in its final touch up before under going the "Puspakom" Car inspection...good luck bro!!

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