Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Future looks DOOMS

Below are the highlights of the new National Automotive Policy announced on Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009

1) Local assembly of luxury passenger above 1,800cc and priced above RM150,000 on-the-road fully liberalised. Foreigners can own 100% of assembly operations.

2) APs to be stopped by Dec 2015.Audit on AP recipients ongoing and checks to be done. Those flouting will be removed from list.

3) Gradual introduction of Vehicle End of Life Policy. For starters vehicles above 15 yrs will have to undergo mandatory inspection during renewal of road tax.

4) Freeze on assembly of re-built commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses will continue.

5) Import Duty structure maintained at 0% for CKD and 5% for CBU for AFTA.

6) Excise duty structure remains. No changes.

7) All imported used vehicles prices will be gazetted to prevent under-declaration.

8)Manufacturing of critical components for cars such as brake system and transmission to get incentives such as Pioneer Status/Investment Tax Allowance.

9) The import of used parts/components will be prohibited from June 2011.

10) Proton to establish strategic partnership with global OEM.

FUCK! and its SUCK playing motorsport in Malaysia btw.....

Formula Drift : Malaysia!

Finally an international event after the Death of D1GP Malaysia,following the success of Formula Drift Singapore,this is event is gonna be sponsored by Goodyear and ESPN Star Sport (ESS).. 19-20 December 2009 at MAEPS (Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang)...

the links

Ticket Prices:

Sheltered Grandstand RM103.00
Grandstand RM50.00
Walkabout RM18.00

u'll know im a cheapskate,so will see la how things goes.....hahahaha

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what do u think>>>

Is this colour okay or not okay?? its dark grey or gunmetal me thinks..those P1 also matching with the car hehe

Sunday Funday

damn!!that close huh...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Review...

it is seem that after meeting the X8 gang members and their ride,i concluded that Jyu is still a loooooong way from completion's process... its so many things yet to be done and installed... looking back from the first day i bought my car thus the project begin,i would say that the progress so far is merely around 50 to 60 percent...this will continue to be a work in progress hehe...

The 2nd Xseries Invasion,Part 2

photo from my lens

Monday, October 26, 2009

The 2nd Xseries Invasion,Part 1

Last Saturday we manage to organize the Second Official x80-81 Gathering at Soho Restaurant Bangi..14 x8 make it that night,along with one jzx90 and a Celica Supra

here is from Din@conflict tuning lens enjoy

Friday, October 23, 2009

I Found The Light!

i always like the Lexus IS250,but this made me fall in love hahaha

with carbon fiber add on lips

ugh,the rear remind me of Bmw 5series hehe

Sleeks...with the prof rims...
SSR Prof. SP1
19x9 +26 225/35/19 fk452
19x10 +19 245/35/19 dz101
rolled fenders

carbon fiber front lip
OEM rear lip
6k HIDs with yellow fogs
a few stickers here and there

Thursday, October 22, 2009

just slide..

old vid of c33 and fc3s drifting in the mountain road...damn the c33 hehe

smart drifting??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Jai GK...

Delivered by Nick Superstar haha..
i know the colour not gonna match with the brown interior but,who cares as long as its comfortable..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Die Scooby Die

got this from my friend Amir GSR,its his friend Imprezza involved in a crash at Federal Highway few days ago...


this is consider a total lost right?? the owner survived the crash with a minor injury

Monday, October 19, 2009

Soon Yeen Visit...

went to check a jzx81 auto halfcut there,when i arrived the boss Ah Yap is busy dismantling the parts

it came with a few performance parts(Bn Sport Front Bumper,Fiber hood, Greddy intercooler n piping, JIC adjustable,custom gril) but as u can see,here whats left of it...not in a good condition either :(

the fiber hood,look kinda scary huh haha...

for those who are a fan of B110 blog or pick up,spotted this ride Jdm Ride as well,Ah Yap sold it to his worker,stock engine and in pristine condition

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Refurbish Sparco Rev

nice ek,only the wording is missing,belong to mahfuz ke70SrN/a..u should have seen the before pic,like rats live in it hahaha...thanks to ipin for sending it hehe

the other team...

got this mms from Zameer,Banting Xseries members roadtrip to the city of entertainment

D1 cookie anyone??

look what Gaban wife bought for us from japan,D1gp cookies???

this is what i call good branding hehe

at the back of the box,there's a japanese wording..i assume its say best eaten during 9 to 5 hahaha

Milk??its very delicious,we finished it all less then 10minute haha

We also Travellin in Style!

wondering what this Flatbed truck is carrying??

yeah halfcut,to gencos,sorry hehe,ur not the only one who got style hahaha

unloading time and hooters again??

and i also forgot to mention,we even ride in style hahahaha

Gangster is Back!

Yeah the street king of West Country finally is home!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like Koo Pang??

Found this at

in Japan

in Malaysia.. similar with koops ex-ride right hehe

Stanley : My Star Drift Expriences


here a good reading with picture,
credits to Stanley Carter and
the link

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interesting Cressida...

Yeah,im a regular at,and for rm25k its yours...
here some spec,

1JZ-GTE twin turbo engine.
digital meter.
17" japan offset rim.
adjustable suspension.
new LSD.

the rims and wheel fitment are just nice....why my stock mark II lx80 facelift doesnt look this beautiful

front and rear arch have been done...

its manual and the clutch pump look new..can u spot something from the pic???...
spotwelding hmmmm...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Car, White Smoke

Daigo Saito Chaser run

Monday, October 12, 2009

its Cleaning time

last weekend im too busy with other things,but the only thing i manage to do is just washing the engine

*here the before pic....i forget to take the after

Karim version 2.0

this is Freedom-Spec new mascot to replace Karim that have been M.I.A for quite sometimes..we called this kitten "K2" (short name for Karim no.2,just in case the original one decided to come back) K2 belong to the next door neighbor's,their pick it wondering around the town a few week ago,and like Karim,it always come to our house asking Lan and Ipin to fed it..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ok and Gang!

its fun when u get together

run jzx run!!

slammed!!!okabe Jidousya always looks Rad!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do u have a Silvia? i mean a Hiper Silvia!

i just feel like posting this ride to my outside Malaysian reader,coz this car and the owner is quite famous here hehe....

other than the bright red colour,striking sticker and doing sideways with red smoke....what so special about it?

this... (wait till u read the spec)
and esp this...makes u feel like ur on a cockpit of jet fighter hehe...
the list of modification is too long...too lazy to write so more pic and full spec here

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heart Throb Eighty Six

esp if its Levin and a coupe...

speechless....just speechless....

aaaaaa.............its killing me softly....hehe

Take Ur Pick


this why we fall in love with oldskool in the first place

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Love for Carolla

Supercharge inside

and its up on sale at Mudah

Monday, October 5, 2009

Look who drop by..

Ayim a.k.a Sei-lok came to visit me on check out how my car is doin...he suspected the "valve seal" leak maybe the cause of the white smoke...i also bought his old aftermarket 3inch muffler as he is now using a Blitz Nur spec (design,same like his muffler)... aaa its good see more than one X80 get together hehe

Powervehicle Run!

and crash ;(

Running In N Uphills Night!

first of all i would like to credit this post to Lan and Ipin for helping me with Jyu,without both u guys,none of this is possible...u guys are the "Freedoms" Crew hehe..

Friday,at first the deal was only 2 cars that be goin to the City Of Entertainment,Gaban S14 and me..11pm we met up at shell near the UIA, only to find out there 5 more car will be joining us..making the total of 7 cars that night..

wise sports wheels and kits

the jzx80

after the long wait,all other members have arrived,we left Shell around 1a.m,the guys choose to follow the old route that lead to the place were heading

here a short clip of me chasing to Lan for recording..the route was challenging,as it is narrow and no lamp post making it hard to see,one small mistake,off to cliff u go..but the best thing about it,there's no oncoming traffic at that hours...Gaban and me are on the second group becoz were aren't familiar with road...

there were many cars on the uphill,so we have to be extra careful..2a.m we arrived at the City Of Entertainment...
overall review of the car,the power is definitely there despite the white smoke continuesly coming out from the exhaust,some problem with the handling, brake and spotlight not really satisfied with the outcome,still adapting becoz the last time i was there,the car was Ke70 with 4age chasing a sr20det isnt that hard anymore hehehe...

cooling down the engine before we go home...

the time is almost 3a.m and its time get back...on the way down,one of our members involved in a crash sending his car to a total lost status..upon his request i will not post the picture of the car...although the concrete wall kills his car but it sure does save his life,otherwise he will be down in the pit...luckly he survived and vows to rebuild another chassis from the silvia series hehe...

waiting in the dark for the tow truck to come,Hooters rock anyway hahahaha

7a.m i arrived home,straight to bed..only to wake up at 4p.m..
its gonna be while before the next uphill adventure...

Mad,by Kawabata!

if u think Daigo Saito Super Angle is da is Kawabata's

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photo is Up ;-)

World Drift Series China 2009
go to

but no pic or news about the Crash...hmmm

i miss my AVS 5..

thanks Rob of Roadster Drift,for posting this awesome jzx81 with Avs model 5 version 2 on his blog

loved the bodykit..

i imagine this is how my car would look like if i still got the rim

owh its does go sideways as well hehe

could it be that Rob gonna ditch the S15 and choose jzx81 instead??we'll have to wait and see hehe