Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleeky Hipopotamus!

got this hipposleek fronto bumper from a dear friend hehehe

test fitting time,this might be how it look next year hahahaha

HellaFlush: The Movie

Hella Flush III from iPhilms on Vimeo.

just cant get enough of the HF Chicks hehe

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo of the Day : white hood season

black colour hood is so yesterday,white is the new "it" trend hehe

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Someone got another 80

went to Drift House today after picking up Levin 101 seat for Lan Ke70 at USJ1 area..looks like Ah Kai have a new toy, a JZA80 supra!,i think this car is the same with the one posted at, 2jz n/a and auto tranny..but it wont be long before Ah Kai turn this ride into a monster coz i spotted a supra halfcut inside his shop hehehe

now its street legal

Tuesday night,final preparation before goin to puspakom inspection on Wednesday...

putting back Jyu original registration number..after using the other plate number for almost a year..also clean the engine number...(btw the pic kinda remind of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit hahaha)

same right?hehe

Wednesday,spent the whole day at Puspakom Bangi,i was so worried after failing for the third time becoz of the front suspension not following the regulation...

the only pic that i manage to take inside the inspection area....

finally after 8 hours,rm95 for the inspection and rm435 for 6 month of roadtax...Jyu is finally legal on the road huhu....i must say that was a very-very tiring day...but its damn worth it...and i would like to take this opportunity to i say many-many thanks to Din @ conflict tuning, freedoms crew, Eddy G and the kind guys at puspakom bangi for helping me with this matter,i couldnt have done it without u guys!!thanks again!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kidsheart x100

source from Tezuka Blog
this jzx100 belong to a friends of his..

again im speechless....

when la im gonna own one hehe...

kidsheart shop,alot of skyline r34 up for sale,notice something on far right??

no,not the lambo..look closer

(plz ignore the Australian fans of Tezuka hahaha)
yes the legendary pink jzx81 still there at the shop...wondering if we ever gonna see it drifting again...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

a productive weekend

saturday, start the morning by washing my sm4..

then off to the wiring shop,checking the rear lamp,and left side power window (not working)

next stop,the exhaust shop,installing the aftermarket muffler that i bought from Aim not long ago

freedom-spec custom straight pipe muffler on the left and the muffler im gonna be using

bosuzoku style!! hahaha

Sunday, its jyu turn to be wash,also there seem a short circuit on fog light,thats the fourth fuse i change...will go back to the wiring shop to check it..

install back the badge..cover up purpose hehe

adjusting the car height to Dinasour Level to meet the puspakom requirement..Jyu look like a rally car now...huhu..

On wednesday,Puspakom Inspection,here i come!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Garage Wing Gx71 Cresta


so good that i must link it to my blog hehe...
thanks dino!

Photo of the Day : not really into pinky...

but for this,i will make an exception hehe

Ameen new skin

check out Ameen Rizvi's of 786 motoring 2jz cressida,new colour and ready to take on Irwandale again in the coming Formula D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

purple chaser?

the spec is similar to the black version Mark II ...aaaa if i had the money a long time ago maybe right now i'll be using the avs model 6 like that huhu

thanks rob for the scan hehe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Next Year Monster!

2010 Hankook Drift Machine line up for Formula D

r35 gtr will piloted by Robbie Nishida

Camaro,i heard that its handling sucked big time...but we have to wait till next year..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fast wagon

Crazy KE70 Van Driver. from Taupaki Productions on Vimeo.

sr20det inside!

i tagged myself..

i think this is the most beautiful picture of Jyu taken during the 2nd x8 gathering(yeah i know the car look like shit hahahaha)...thanks man @ rcdrifter ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

DriftMonkey of Norway

a drift event in norway,i must say that was some hardcore drifting action shown in the vid...spotted Daigo Saito as well in a driftmonkey s15, watch 4:18 when he said "oh my god!" thats kinda funny hahahaha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

End of Level One..

Saturday,went to my Japanese Language graduation day at Hotel Grand BlueWave Shah Alam..even though i only know my classmate for only short while but i feel kinda close with them.."how about level two next year",they asked? i just reply,i think about it first hehe...i still sucked at hiragana btw hahahaha

my class presentation that day,good job guys hehe!

A good day to change the Rack..

actually its not.. its been raining in the evening,work have to be stop for a while becoz the house front porch doesnt have a roof hehehe....

lan and Ipin changing the new steering rack

another freedom-spec project,Lan ke70

Friday, November 13, 2009

quite a smoker..

jzx81 spotted on 86 fighters blog..

the Datsun bro's

This 510 belong to Akio (not Akio 240z from wangan midnight hehe..but same manufacturer Datsun)

tucking tire is Fucking fire!! hahaha

more on the fitment,p/s that Akio btw

the heart of this pale green 510,Sr20n/a 4 throttle

close up pic of the extractor and 4 throttle..dayum!!

sideways...check out the angle huhu

with another brother from the same mother hahaha

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fry Bye...

looks like were not the only one who have problem with the jzx81 Ecu....

taken from Tezuka Blog,he mention that the owner of this jzx81 mark II is participating in a drift event, when suddenly the engine just when dead..suspected a fried computer box...huhuhu

oh wait,my car is up for sale??

saw this add at today,and i was like "this pic look so familiar la"hahahaha its mine

the fella using the pic as sample to sell his car..nothing wrong with it just wanna share with y'all...

here is the spec he mention at mudah (i cut n paste it here,incase he deleted the post coz the car is sold already..i just call to ask hahahah) he selling the car cheap becoz there seem to be a problem with documentation....but 1jz with that price??hmmm

Price: RM 4 200 Reg. year: 1994
Mileage: 250 000 - 299 999 Make: Toyota
Model: Mark II Transmission: Auto
Engine Capacity: 2491 cc
Accessories: ABS Brakes

toyota mark II utk dijual
1jz auto enjin
road tax dah mati ( 1 tahun lebih )
asal teksi(kena buat transfer ke persendirian dan bayaran cukai kastam untuk guna psdn)
engine masih ok tp dah lama x start
call shah 0193867122

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wally For The Day : Still Alive and Sliding

MotorFix Ke70

Visit for more pic

one movie wont hurt...

since i got no night activity during workday in Shah Alam, other than sitting in front of my laptop everynight,and my car is in kajang(i only went back for the weekend :P)...its good to go out and catch a movie least i got something to write in this blog then just cars and drift ha ha ha

so whats so interesting about this "jennifer body" movie...well nothing much,its just ur typical teen horror movie,very predictable storyline...if it wasnt for the main actress,the movie would suck even more and die...yes,Megan Fox is Hot Deng!!!!when she was in Transformer,u cant really concentrate on watching her but in this movie, u just cant get enough of her hahaha...go watch it,will worth ur rm10 buck but dont watch with ur Girlfriend,fiance or wife...she might get jealous seeing u focusing on Megan and u know what hahahaha

p/s:dont believe every rumors u heard on the internet,i personally think she is 100% female la :)

Motivational Drift

Early Saturday morning, got a call from Jai Gk,asking me to be a Emcee for his drift demo at a School in Kajang (Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Kajang a.k.a SMAPK),the thing is Jai and his group are appointed to be a consultant to handle a Motivation study week event there...interesting fact is he and his friends are all ex-student of SMAPK...whats drift demo got to do with motivation study??beats me,i think maybe to give the final year student a little entertainment,release some tension,and get their mind out from books and studying for a while hehe..

only 3 cars for this drift demo, May cefiro(driven by Jai) ,joe666 s14 and isz manta cefiro (no pic)

some action...first in my life become an emcee for drift event lol...i wasnt sure what im talking about drift history and all hahahha

drifters and crew resting under the tree in the hot sun

Monday, November 9, 2009

Photo of the Day: Wangan Midnight

Rx7 on the wangan!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prepping Job...

doing the thing i hate the most...getting the car ready for inspection and endorse the new engine...the Malaysian Puspakom regulation kinda sucked and minor stuff will most probably get ur car failed and have to do the whole process again...its not free by the way...Rm60 everytime...if jyu passed,only then i can re-new my roadtax..shish :p

this is how i spent my my neck and hands hurt down there..hahaha

cant manage to do it alone with out the help from these 2 guys,Lan and Ipin the "freedom crew"thanks!

next week will try to fix the brake lamp,adjust the car height,and change back to diesel muffler..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

After so long....

finally i found an old proper pic of Tezuka black jzx81(before he changed it to Pink)...thanks H E L M S T A R R!!!

the all time favorite and legendary jzx81!!

Tezuka model Kei Office Suspension set (spring rate front 14kg,rear11kg), 17inch Kei Office Drift Master wheel DD6 (Front 9jj offset +19, rear 10jj offset +39) 1 way LSD? nissan brake front 4port, rear 2port

1.5j with GT2835R Turbine,HKS 264/272 Cam, Fcon Vpro,

Nardi steering wheel,Apexi meters everywhere (now u know i why collect apexi stuff hehe) manual gearbox from jza70 with OS Giken Racing Clutch,Bride Zeta

nicely done door trim and rollcage

BM + hipposleek + dart izumi = tezuka freedom-spec hehehe