Thursday, November 5, 2009

After so long....

finally i found an old proper pic of Tezuka black jzx81(before he changed it to Pink)...thanks H E L M S T A R R!!!

the all time favorite and legendary jzx81!!

Tezuka model Kei Office Suspension set (spring rate front 14kg,rear11kg), 17inch Kei Office Drift Master wheel DD6 (Front 9jj offset +19, rear 10jj offset +39) 1 way LSD? nissan brake front 4port, rear 2port

1.5j with GT2835R Turbine,HKS 264/272 Cam, Fcon Vpro,

Nardi steering wheel,Apexi meters everywhere (now u know i why collect apexi stuff hehe) manual gearbox from jza70 with OS Giken Racing Clutch,Bride Zeta

nicely done door trim and rollcage

BM + hipposleek + dart izumi = tezuka freedom-spec hehehe


Super Terrific said...

Toyota + 4 Door + FR + Mods = Never lose.

xpitt said...

huhu..aluminium dorr trim?damn shining..