Sunday, November 22, 2009

a productive weekend

saturday, start the morning by washing my sm4..

then off to the wiring shop,checking the rear lamp,and left side power window (not working)

next stop,the exhaust shop,installing the aftermarket muffler that i bought from Aim not long ago

freedom-spec custom straight pipe muffler on the left and the muffler im gonna be using

bosuzoku style!! hahaha

Sunday, its jyu turn to be wash,also there seem a short circuit on fog light,thats the fourth fuse i change...will go back to the wiring shop to check it..

install back the badge..cover up purpose hehe

adjusting the car height to Dinasour Level to meet the puspakom requirement..Jyu look like a rally car now...huhu..

On wednesday,Puspakom Inspection,here i come!!

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