Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 The Man in Iron Suit..

the most anticipated movie of 2010..
genius,rich and got a good sense of humour..(unlike the poor spiderman hahaha)he is Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man

cant wait for it to come the debut of Warmachine!

20 ten!

We would like to wish all our reader a very Happy New Year 2010..May it bring more joy and prosperous through out the year to u…take care and see u in 2010!

Azrin, Lan, Ipin (The freedoms crew)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

crazy laurel

i feel like posting more video..

here is something u rarely see c35 drifting vid...enjoy

800horse Monster

well u all know who right hahaha..

Team Freedom run!

consist of 4 cars

the 1st car spun..

and bang each other...
but no worries,nothing serious though

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dog poo Grey Anyone??

if im not mistaken this colour scheme is a stock manufactured by toyota...a solid base colour but yet with a right twist,it can really stand out...

on a full kitted Jzx90...

or even on a KE70...i can related to it

p/s:Lan plz do this colour on ur car hehe...

smile and say gee tee arrr!!

An example on how it gonna look like when i'll be fitting the Gtr intercooler with a stock bumper..

ehh using the r32 gtr lips as well??(i bet his are original P.U hehehe)

much more clearer....oh wait this a chaser

this two picture that i posted above are actually the same car,belong to japanese guy nicknamed "Wash GT" and he also have a blog called "280 is pony...what!!?"..originally the car is a Mark II model,but the car later on involved in an accident thus the owner change the facelift to a chaser instead..(the whole nosecut!)

MMS From Sarawak

got this mms from a friend of mine in sarawak,showing his newly paint 86

true no

need a little bit of slamming though...

as for me,my type of ae86 is definitely a coupe with a levin facelift hehe

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back in 92..

Japanese Drifting/Drag Racing from 1992

the japanese did it all- Drag, Wangan, Drift...u name it

more disember random

lan upgrading his ke70 to a electric fan...

discussion on how to make the intercooler piping continues

mysterious car using a zenki cefiro light and emblem..still cant figured what it is...

bright yellow cefiro with Diana bodykit spotted at Jepp Hill Garge (the RB experts)

Boy Tetek 4age 16valve 4 throttle Ke70 ...nice

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its a Surprise!!

Congrats to rattlezasia team and Yus of Jdm "R" Us .. your blog have been selected as a favorite site visited and recommended by Alexi@ hehe

here the links

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White River of Finland..

u might remember this car when it was put on sale by sometimes ago,orginally belong to team White River members..a famous jzx81 group in Japan..If Bonbon ex-chaser landed in Ireland, this car arrived in Finland..damn i envy the Europian,they can easily buy a car from J-land without the hassle, a.p shit and all hahaha....

arriving in Finland,the mark II is now owned by Kimmo Saike (dont ask why he's name is like japanese people) a drifter who previous ride is a skyline R32..
kimmo changed its colour to pearl pink...guess like who? (i think thats kimmo in the red suit)
one things remain unchanges are its nature..sideways with alot of smoke!!deng it really look like Tezuka legendary pinky back in the early days

really wish to see this car more on the net hehe...all the best to Kimmo Saike!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

sarU Uras side...

long time didnt update on his project car..well here it is,

Joe40c finally got himself a long awaited copied version of uras side skirt...thanks to Drift House!

btw clock is ticking,09 is almost over and time for the hibernating monster to wake up Joe!!!

video : from day one

the journey continue's...thanks to all the people who are involved in this project

song : "Promise" by Michi

Monday, December 21, 2009

Formula Drift : Malaysia.. my experience

hahaha what can i say,its too good to be missed,but i only went for sunday event..

special thanks to Amat Dx and Rattlezasia for sponsoring me the ticket hehe...

left pic: sponsor booth,right pic: drifter booth

this is where the "walkabout" ticket owner sit n watch the show

best 16 introduction and with alot of smoke...

hats off to Thailand drifters..they have the most drop dead engine setup...

Thailand goodyear cefiro A31 with 1jz...check out how big the turbo is..its t78 or t88 if im not mistaken(im bias about 1jz hahaha)

another Goodyear car,s13 with sr20det

here is my favourite car section at Formula D ...

ivan lim jzx100 chaser...

team hong kong supra..

team hong kong aristo..

Miki Ryuji Supra,too bad he lost to Mad mike in the best 16...i dont bother to go to his booth coz theirs too many people there..

imitation of the TE37..brand ROTA from Taiwan, the spec 18x10.5jj offset 30+..i seen alot of Thai Drifter are using this rims,too bad its not sold in malaysia and guess what, someone just bought a set from them and we will see it in a jzx90 soon ha ha ha...

as the result for FD Malaysia
1s t- Tengku Djan (malaysia) 180sx
2nd - Kiki (thailand) s15
3rd - mad mike (nz) rx7

overall its a great event,although there are a few things that can be improve and i think MAEPS is the best place to held this kinda event,ample parking space,good facilities..i dont mind paying at all hahaha...if only D1gp Malaysia have this kinda place back then hehe...

more pic here...(credit to them)

dinesh / i oso dunno


its formula D weekend

and im at home watching Dvd of 2006 D1 las vegas hahaha...spotted Hiro Sumida and his zombie jzx90 in tsuiso battle against Daigo Saito hehe

Freedoms Crew 1st Annual Dinner

what a way to start the new year (following the islamic calender hehe) hut new menu "crunchy cheesy bite" is quite delicious as well hahaha

ain't lonely no more...

after this, driving wont be so boring hehe

gudbye taxi seat..


finally, got a decent time to install imprezza seat for the passenger side...the positioning is a bit higher than the old seat..other than that its A okay!haha

back to basic...

upon request i spray the lips to black...much more nicer with this colour hehe

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One only that qualify!!

most people know that i hate flat/matte black cars...but only Nakai san "Rauh-Welt" Porsche got my approval hahahha

im growing a liking for porsche these day...too much wangan midnight or Rauh-Welt maybe??

magical mustang??

2010 Mustang Unleashed - Vegas Magic with Steve Wyrick

Weld showroom

so many 100,wish i was here huhuhu

more pic here

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Auto Zed

legendary car + legendary engine = monster....

in its best condition ever..

the proud owner

Wally For The Day : Jyu

self attempt to make my very own wallpaper...hahaha

is it something wrong with ichigo??

no im not talking about ichigo from Bleach,but a nissan s15,Rob of Roadsterdrift is the second person to ditch his s15 for a 180sx (kawabata is the 1st one)..

is it because the handling??
i never own a silvia,but as far as i know, the nissan S chassis family are the easiest to handle for drifting..

parts are expensive compare to 180sx??
sure it is but not if ur the guy who live in japan..

or is becoz of Koguchi??the king of 180sx..

what ever the reason,for me,i still prefer onevia ha ha ha..

rob 180 spec

Kouki S13 SR

S14 turbo & normal bolt-ons @ 1.1bar

4.3 Final & S15 subframe

Riverside Kuroi knuckles

Origin Stream Aero

Oem kouki tail lights fitted with LED

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boss Boso came to town!

hangout with Kuntom(he just got back from japan hehe), the freedoms crew ,and Eddy G yesterday at Medan Sate Kajang while eating "satay" and drinking "teh tarik" from a polystyrene cup..hahaha good time and lets do it again sometimes (sorry forgot to take picture)

well i say hehe

I recently install the “hits count” function, and not bad.. Within less than 3weeks, around 5++ person visited this blog…

thanks for the support hehe

Disember Random

future coloured scheme?black and dark grey..

Jyu test drive with joe40c and Amat Dx..

free advertising....hey there's freedoms crew sticker as well hehe,still waiting for my rattlezasia sticker hahahaha

whats next?? S16?

copy and paste from

Rumored 2011 Nissan Silvia Styled After Foria Concept

Nissan is not about to sit idly by and let the Toyota FT-86 and Honda CR-Z steal all the retro car resurrection glory. Rumor has it that Nissan will bring back the Nissan Silvia come 2011 or 2012. There’s been buzz about such a comeback for several years now, but perhaps Toyota/Subaru, Honda, and even Hyundai are lighting a fire under Nissan’s ass.

Edmunds says the next Silvia will be a 2+2 built on the current Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 platform, weighing in at 2800 pounds and powered by a 1.8-liter turbo four. But rather than go back to the 80s like Toyota and Honda, styling will be based on the Nissan Foria Concept from the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show (above left). To our eyes, that hearkens all the way back to the 1965 CSP311 Nissan Silvia Coupe. Keep your fingers crossed, folks, and we might just see an all out war for sports coupe supremacy once again.

Tar scraping is fun!

helping Lan scraping the tar from his ke70 to see the overall view of the floor...

the most important tools,hammer and screw driver...this process is really addicting hahaha

one side is done...its seem alot of rust hiding under the tar...

bye bye white magic stick..

got this nissan hood damper from Ipin...but its not a perfect fit..have to mod a little bit...

grind the bracket from old damper...

will be using this part only..

fitting it with nissan damper..

last time using the white magic stick haha..thanks nissan again for providing useful parts for toyota cars hahaha..