Wednesday, December 9, 2009

correction correction


regarding the bumper that i got (hehehe)...after looking at so many pic,i concluded that the front bumper was either from Bn Sport or Destruction king and not hipposleek...

this is bn sport..

this is hipposleek...yeah at first i thought they custom a special one like the bn sport...but it never did...

this is what made me think its hipposleek,the truth is tezuka jzx81 chaser / mark II have always been using the Destruction king (a similar like BN Sport front bumper),only the side skirt and rear bumper are Hipposleek..the combo was also sold as a pieced together full kit setup by the Dart Izumi Jr. Garage website.

in japan,they like copy things from each other-mod,add or change here and there a little bit....BOOM!!its another type or brand...interesting right....i think so too hehehe

here good link for reference..thanks to Jzxproject

if there ever a course or subject like this in the university i would probably score an A hahahaha

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