Monday, December 14, 2009

is it something wrong with ichigo??

no im not talking about ichigo from Bleach,but a nissan s15,Rob of Roadsterdrift is the second person to ditch his s15 for a 180sx (kawabata is the 1st one)..

is it because the handling??
i never own a silvia,but as far as i know, the nissan S chassis family are the easiest to handle for drifting..

parts are expensive compare to 180sx??
sure it is but not if ur the guy who live in japan..

or is becoz of Koguchi??the king of 180sx..

what ever the reason,for me,i still prefer onevia ha ha ha..

rob 180 spec

Kouki S13 SR

S14 turbo & normal bolt-ons @ 1.1bar

4.3 Final & S15 subframe

Riverside Kuroi knuckles

Origin Stream Aero

Oem kouki tail lights fitted with LED

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