Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White River of Finland..

u might remember this car when it was put on sale by sometimes ago,orginally belong to team White River members..a famous jzx81 group in Japan..If Bonbon ex-chaser landed in Ireland, this car arrived in Finland..damn i envy the Europian,they can easily buy a car from J-land without the hassle, a.p shit and all hahaha....

arriving in Finland,the mark II is now owned by Kimmo Saike (dont ask why he's name is like japanese people) a drifter who previous ride is a skyline R32..
kimmo changed its colour to pearl pink...guess like who? (i think thats kimmo in the red suit)
one things remain unchanges are its nature..sideways with alot of smoke!!deng it really look like Tezuka legendary pinky back in the early days

really wish to see this car more on the net hehe...all the best to Kimmo Saike!

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