Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Be

or Jangan Begitu in Malay =)
love the music~like santana

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ultima Rare sight?

Between D1GP and Formula D,
i choose MSC~

goodbye mr.white


Monday, December 27, 2010


can't decide on the front light?
just use both =)

by the sea~

Dinner at Jeram,Selangor

Blitz on 90..

is the blue hood the new black?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chasing the R~

Saturday- got a sms from Temujin,inviting me for a Sunday Morning Drive,from Ulu Yam to Goh Tong Jaya..
since there's not gonna be anymore midnight uphill sometimes till this end of the year~
i say why i always wanted to experience the other way to the city of entertainment =)
the route map
7 a.m-so we meet up at Petronas Batu Caves (queuing to fill up NGV i see)
4 skyline, 1 fairlady, and a volvo...huhu this is gonna be hard to keep up~
hey~multicoloured thingy

so i choose to be the last car in the group~traffic is not too heavy considering its still early,compared to the "usual" route,the road here are much more wider,surface is good and there is a long stretch where u can just let it all out~one of the guys is going up to 220km/h...huhu i forgot im running with the GTR~as for me,110km/h is the max hahaha
almost an hour later we arrived at the destination,i got left behind and seems to lost my way LOL~ btw the speed bump at the police post is a Killer!

then we go have breakfast with the official drink for gathering session,the Teh Tarik~
its a cool place,i must say hehe

after long chit chat,its time to leave~

here is Azmir part of the story~

oh ya,aside from shitty car alignment and leak suspension,broken bodykit, the turbo starting to give up (halfway through,i notice the boost has drop to 0.5bar),and now power steering pump is officially f*ck up hahaha~after fixing all this im definitely gonna be back for round 2!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Evil War gon

long time no update about 23 Auto Garage wagon build up~
R32 subframe is in,now awaiting suspension~
this is how the fitment gonna be like~
so what we can aspect next? wide body,hilux rear lamp and a few more item~
Eez did quote on this project
"to hell with JDM this time hahahaha"

p/s: this thing gonna be powered by a 6 cylinder turbo engine hehehe

going metal~

no more fiber bodykit for May's Cefiro this time around,Metal Uras style hehe
Eez at work? hahaha

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ass for teen


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

photo of the day : brotherhood

side by side~

Back by popular demand~

okay,problem solved~im opening back my fb account
in other news,a little souvenir from FD,thanks Robbie and Daigo!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mad sexy knight

FD 2010 day two~

19 dec 2010, Formula D-sorry i didn't do much coverage on day 2,as the place was jammed pack with people~so picture or video is crap and useless-

2 of my favorite driver made in to the final,one is (u already know who) Daigo Saito and this guy~
D Koh kae of Thailand~
^^ yupe thats him~
i have a chance to speak with him during the autograph session,really nice and funny guy,
his car is a stock looking cefiro with no bodykit what so ever~
koh kae said its 1jz all standard~coming from Thailand,a country which is famous of modifying the JZ engine...i don't actually believe him lol...

so the result for Formula Drift Malaysia 2010 is
1st Daigo Saito
2nd Dkoh Kae
3rd Miki Ryuji

and overall champion for 2 years in a row is still Tengku Djan Ley~

i guess many agreed with me that the venue for this event sucked big time!no parking,traffic jam,small track and many more~last year Fd at Maeps serdang was way better~

for more news,video and picture,please visit

cont. FD2010 Day Uno

18 dec 2010, Formula D-arrived in Dataran Merdeka around 2.00pm,to save time and money,we decided to ride our motorcycle there hehe~
the track layout is quite small,toward the last corner,its get more narrow and smaller,i seen a lot of cars lose their rear end =P
big screen that really helps alot
the loudest car of the day,thailand jzz30 soarer V8 inside

here some of the video i manage to take during the qualifying,u can see how tight the last corner is~
Daigo Saito with Team Hong Kong Aristo
A31 Skyfiro,Team Good Year Malaysia Michael Gan
yoong r32 v8

6.30 pm,end of day one~so hungry...
nasi lemak or "fat rice" LOL

1jz meeting

im gonna be there someday!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

one wheel in the air!



black and white~

FD 2010 day one

Drifters intro,more on FD later~need ZzzzzZZzzz first
*edited for better quality

Thursday, December 16, 2010

war : vs Jzxproject!

hate cressida?
loving it~

u be the judge~as for me... even can't spell the car model right~LOL

dont get me wrong,i like silvia,esp s14 =)

Photo of the Day : sleepy

Bn sport!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

getting ready~

so i went to checkout the practice session before the big event~
team Hong Kong are bringing in 3 cars Aristo, Supra and a Altezza that will be driven by Daigo Saito
but its look like 2 of their car are having problem,hope they can fix it in time~
the only car so far without a problem,
2jz t04z~yummie!estimated 600hp
Saito linking the entire track!
few hours later its Tengku Djan turns to do some practicing~seeing his crew setting up the car is just so cool and organized..
Djan street legal 180sx driven by an Indonesian Drifter
oh btw,a cap with Daigo Saito Signature on it,is just priceless hehehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Take note~ cheater detected!

to those who are thinking of going to Formula Drift Malaysia this weekend and would like to purchase the cheapest of rm22,there is a rm4 addition charges for the ticket fee ,making the total of rm26 for one ticket~farking bastard... u can at least add the total up before u go mentioning the price is rm22~that way i don't feel upset or cheated~.... for some rm4 isn't a big deal but if u looked at the bigger picture rm26 is quite alot..that is equivalent to 26 glasses of lemonade for 26 days, or 2 days set of breakfast,lunch and dinner bro~..
let me do a little breakdown,
fuel- rm10,
toll - rm5 (going and back),
parking fee - rm5,
drinks and food is definitely gonna be expensive lets say - rm10 ..
total rm30 x 2 days (saturday and sunday)
= rm60 + rm26 for ticket,that make a total of rm86~see?
all just to watch live drifting action under a hot many time must i remind myself~im cheap laaaaa bro.....

the lowest ticket that been sold on the day of the event cost rm34~WTF wei!

Photo of the Day : Smooth 81

the normal things i would write...sweet..deng..nice...awesome....blablablablabla~LOL

source and credit to

here's Daigo

freedoms crew BurnBancer,reporting from USJ go-kart track just now..(aaa the wonders of blackrebby and BBM)
looks like Daigo Saito are doing some practice run with this red altezza that will be used on Formula Drift Malaysia this coming saturday..

too bad with he didn't bring the 800hp monster~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Got Garage?


Keith (a.k.a Loose seal) buddy, Jeff own this amazing house garage
4th bay is paint/body
Surround sound & TV. 5' deep pit & lift. 16 48" flourescent fixtures.

in a world of its own~i want one!hehe

Saturday, December 11, 2010


the reason i can't drive around without a rear bumper~LOL

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lost and Found!

11/12/10 saturday-2.00am got a call from the owner,saying that the car have been found at housing area Taman Seri Setia, Rawang Selangor.
the bodykit was stripped out,other parts remain intact.LOL i can't hardly recognize the car~not~

we didn't get the culprit but the police already got the idea who is the suspect and workshop involved in this for the owner,May.he just glad he got his car back.

we would like to say thanks to everyone that help..