Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo of the Day : My First Love

till this day,it never changes hehe

its a long-long day..

8.00p.m Friday just got back from work...still having trouble with my car,this time i can't boost it up to 0.6 i call up Aim a.k.a Seilok to ask him for his advice..decided to meet up at 11.45 p.m...first we hangout at the mamak stall then around 2a.m we moved to his friend workshop in KL...i was so surprise that it still open at this hours along with a few others car workshop...

the foreman later on check the engine,clamp one of the fuel line,and take for a few spins.. it was running just fine..reaching to full boost without any problem..he said that i might need to change to an aftermarket fuel regulator because of the stock one that im using is kinda broken and cant support the engine fuel needs...but as for the moment i still can drive the next thing to do is the fuel regulator huhuhu....

the 3 jzx...

mine,aim and the sleeper mark II...

after a long chit chat...left the workshop for home around 4a.m,
At 9a.m Saturday escorting a friend for an engagement in kuala pilah negeri sembilan....back home at 7p.m..
sleep until to a TT session in sunway,come home at 6a.m...damn im tired hahaha...ZZzzZZz time!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

look what he got!

one of our members(name shall not be unveiled by request of the owner) recently booked this halfcut to be put in his ke70..

spell it right...Levin..bodypart still is good condition

black dashboard & digital meter

low millage and clean engine,

jasma extractor

front & rear suspension...2way LSD axle and the best thing when engine is started,we suspected it got high cam inside..wuhuhu...

Mesh it up then!

Ipin changing to SSR Mesh 15x7jj offset (i forgot the offset again hehe)

mysterious symptoms?

sorry for the late update as i am busy with work lately...anyway i came home last week and start the engine,everything was smooth until the minute i wanna turn it off,the engine was jerking,shaking like it wanna fall out,and the smell of petrol everywhere...

At first I suspected a broken spark plug or there is something with the coil pack, open it up, and plug no 3 and 5 was flooded with fuel…changed another set of plug and still the same…then it must be the coil pack,after checking all 6 of it,there seem nothing wrong with it as it was sparking just fine…i got fed up and it was already 2 a.m...i just close the hood and went to bed..

HKS spark plug (or should i say Denso Iridium)

The next morning,I install back the spark plug,connect the coil pack,and start the engine again…to my surprise it was running okay again…weird...and i concluded the cause was maybe due to water from the heavy rain last night,that some how manage to touch with the engine,wiring or socket somehow...hmmm solution?? i need a canvas to cover it up,since my car is park outside...

moving on,

i decided to throw away the front hood "heat cover" as it tend to make my engine dusty...

hopefully,after this will be less dust..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Everything is Rad!

i leave u all for the weekend with my currently most favorite Jzx81 Mark II

gotta love it all,bodykit,gtr i/c,and mostly 2 tone colour scheme...

the fitment also look yummy....nice hanbai wheel at the back!

Magic overload!

Team Magician Jzx110

belongs to Yuki Takamiya’s

tsuiso battle with celica face supra

with rx7 of sexy knight

sprakling pink,with pink stripe

like the other team magician members,Takamiya also uses BN Sports aerokit on his car

drooling over the VSKF wheels 10jj front and 11jj rear

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Screamer is an option!

most of 1jz owners said the sound is already nice,wastegate or downpipe are just additional,but as for me straight piping and wastegate is a must!hahaha

Spotted at 2010 TAS

jzx81 cresta with r33 wheels n missile front bumper

check out the exhaust on the side...wowza!

FTG : Nissan Rep!

since there is no real update on my car until next week (i think hehe),i decided to share some old picture that Kuntom sent to me when he was in japan..taken at Tori-san Full Throttle Garage

Tori-san making a call over his crash customer car

a friend kuntoms,i forgot his name..

Kuntom ex-car

another s14,as u see this is definitely a nissan territory hahaha...

p/s: Kuntom if ur reading this,dont forget my FTG sticker yaaa hehehe =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wally For The Day : Zed done right

dont u think so?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

non car related...i just feel like posting this awesome song..Peace to the world!enjoy

p/s: i also thinking about "Hawaii" huhuhu

The Return Of Ridox Supra!

Sources from Hirohide Tanaka..
After an unsuccessful performance with the Aristo in 2009..Manabu Orido will revive back the Ridox Supra in the upcoming 2010 D1GP season, with help from Daigo Saito and Friends...

Group Photo with the Ridox Supra (Hirohide Tanaka is the one next to Orido)

fully stripped,spotwelded, and rollcage..

Daigo Saito seem to be checking on something...

cant wait to see it in action!now that it got Daigo Saito touch hahaha...super angle and 2jz with T88 is a must!

Wangan Midnight The Movie..

i seen it last tell u the truth,im really disappointed..just like initial D the movie..why cant they make a good remake movie from the anime..plz stop casting handsome guys just to sell out the movie..btw here is some fact between the anime version and the movie one..

Akio Asakura - Drive a Nissan Fairlady Z31,not a Z32 before he bought the S30z
Reina Akikawa - Drive a White Skyline R32 GTR, not a Riced Red R34 GTR
Kitami Jun - The tuner from hell,who rebuild the devil Z wasn't in the does the other tuner
Yoshiaki Ishida - Drive a White Ferrari Testarossa..not a yellow one
Ko-chan - Drive a Rx7 FC not FD in the movie..

for god sake,don't tell me u cant find that exact model in Japan??!!

The worst of them all in this movie is the wheel fitment on the S30z...the rim is watanabe all right,but urgh...

u see!!...
beside it is a deep dish set of watanabe...why not used it!!no...the director wanna used the pussy type of width and positive offset rim...duh!!also another thing that i noticed,during the last crash scene of the Z,they burned a car which is not a S30z....hahaha u can even spot a different kind of rim.the only thing that they do right is the Porsche and casting the cute Ryoko Kobayashi to play Eriko Asakura hahahaha..overall in the movie,the S30z seem to be over shadowed by its rival the Blackbird..we will see how the second movie will do..

i think i said too much...u guys can check out the raw movie at,thanks to the kind people who upload it..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Full Support Of

thanks for the sticker guys =)
as for the "freedoms crew" sticker i will try to produce it around next month

LFA - Can U Digg It??

i sure can!

lovin the meter

here is the Top Gear Review