Thursday, January 14, 2010

Evo X = Ten

As we were hanging out during a regular Saturday night TT, a friend of ours drop by with his company demo car,the Mitsubishi Evo X...its a good chance to have a closer look of the car.. this evo x is powered by a 2.0cc Mivec Turbo engine with a triptronic auto gearbox of normal and sport mode function..First thing that I noticed when I got inside the car,is the big Recaro semi bucket seat..not to forgetting how spacious the interior was..the sound system was damn nice from Rockford Forsgate…but when I pop the question “can I test drive it?” he laughly said “no way!.. I can give u a ride instead hehehe”

the compact dashboard,with digital indicator in the middle of cluster

Here is the lame video, its didn’t that seem fast inside but its actually is (reaching 180km/h easily)…I can also feel G force pushing me back.

Overall its a new experience for me sitting inside a real sports car,but a car with a price tag of Rm330k just waaaay outta my reach...i rather buy a house with that amount of money hahaha...


xpitt said...
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xpitt said...

halamak...rugi x dtg TT..
minggu nie klik kapung plak...huhu...next2 week kot, tu pun kalo ada lagi la evo nie.

singbluesiliver said...

haha tu laa...insyallah ade kot