Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Sale :The 86 that beaten JR in 06

lets watch this old vid first

Taken from zerotohundred.com

It’s not everyday that you come across such an offering but this is the ultimate treat for rich drift fans and competitors, the AE86 you see here was at one point the ultimate drift machine in Malaysia and it belongs to Tengku Djan Ley – Champion of Formula Drift Singapore, Champion of Formula Drift Malaysia, and a podium finisher at numerous international drift competitions and race series. So you can trust that it has been built to world-class standards and specifications. The best thing about this car is that it’s now on sale and it can be yours for a not-your-average-86 price of RM200,000. Details are available after the jump:
  • 2 race prepared shells, lightened w. 6point welded rollcage. Meets D1GP & Formula D Specs
  • 1 unit fresh race engine with spare rings (220whp)
  • 1 unit M48 Pro MoteC ECU
  • 1 unit trust oil cooler kit
  • 1 unit Koyorad alu radiator
  • 2 set TRD engine mounts
  • 2 unit TRD 5spd close ratio transmission
  • 1 unit TRD short throw shifter
  • 2 unit KAAZ LSD
  • 2 unit TRD 5.337 FD (with axle housing)
  • 1 set diff cooler
  • 1 set DG-5 suspension
  • 1 set Fully ball joint suspension arms (front & rear)
  • 1 unit hydraulic handbrake kit
  • 1 set Project Mu front disc with Mintex brakepads all round.
  • 5 set TE37 14 x 7 offset 0
  • 2 set Vertex bodykit (original)
  • 2 set J blood fiber door
  • 2 set J blood carbon bonnet
  • 2 set fiber hatch (with & without spoiler)
  • 1 set NOS system (Dry Setup)
  • 7 unit NOS tank
  • 2 unit Race bucket seat with 4 poit harness
  • Defi tacho, oil temp and oil press gauges

Interested parties can get further details by emailing the following address: djandrift@gmail.com


xpitt said...

i thought it was 100k..but 200k, faint weh!
should the new owner will be champion as T.Djan? we will find out later on..hehe.

singbluesiliver said...

Yaa rm200k..Hmm I don’t think an individual person would buy this car…a company maybe hehe
As for the question of, can the new owner be a champ like Djan, definitely depend on the driver factor..the car is already proven reliable hehe…