Thursday, January 28, 2010

mysterious symptoms?

sorry for the late update as i am busy with work lately...anyway i came home last week and start the engine,everything was smooth until the minute i wanna turn it off,the engine was jerking,shaking like it wanna fall out,and the smell of petrol everywhere...

At first I suspected a broken spark plug or there is something with the coil pack, open it up, and plug no 3 and 5 was flooded with fuel…changed another set of plug and still the same…then it must be the coil pack,after checking all 6 of it,there seem nothing wrong with it as it was sparking just fine…i got fed up and it was already 2 a.m...i just close the hood and went to bed..

HKS spark plug (or should i say Denso Iridium)

The next morning,I install back the spark plug,connect the coil pack,and start the engine again…to my surprise it was running okay again…weird...and i concluded the cause was maybe due to water from the heavy rain last night,that some how manage to touch with the engine,wiring or socket somehow...hmmm solution?? i need a canvas to cover it up,since my car is park outside...

moving on,

i decided to throw away the front hood "heat cover" as it tend to make my engine dusty...

hopefully,after this will be less dust..

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