Sunday, January 3, 2010

the pain of gee tee arrr i/c

for month,i been searching around town to find a shop that willing to do my intercooler piping,most of them dont wanna do it and if they willing do it,the price would leave a hole in my pocket...after consulting with alot of people i decided to take matter in my own hands...

i bought around 8 pieces of 2.5 inch stainless steel elbow pipe from a guy at

using masking tape and marker pen,we start to roughly design the piping shape..

next, i went to a welding shop that specialize in doing house grill and fences...hehe

the worker grinding the rough edges..and the welding begin..

more measuring and comparison process...

this is how the elbow looks now after its been weld using TIG welding machine...

the GTR intercooler,the sample and the finished product..all i need now is a hose reducer and clamp..cant wait to install it hehe


Amar Gencos said...

Bob, die weld TIG tu maksudnya?

Weld ikut material piping ke?

Cost? Berapa murah compare to kedai buat?

singbluesiliver said...

tungsten inert gas (TIG)

biase nye kalau stainless steel,aluminium,copper pakai jenis ni..xkarat dan welding die kemas..
nak tau lebih lanjut,wiki laa

hmmm kos satu welding rm10,kalau satu piping tu ade 5 section kena welding..darab la rm10..