Thursday, January 14, 2010

Through The Lens Of "East"

I always amaze on how SLR Camera can make a Shitty car look cool in the picture..

to the car park

how super is Advan?

all of this is not possible without the help of them.. Freedoms Crew

Official Garage

Digital getdown

Enche Nardi

Boosto Meter

all rounder..

side view

the ass

in the basement..(my fav pic)

special thanks to Fareez,for taking this nice picture!


xpitt said...

half word, CUN!huhu

singbluesiliver said...

tq hehe,gambo je yg lawo,kete masih tidak hahaha

Amar Gencos said...

Pergh.. Lawa!

Nanti kasi aku snap plak weii.. FOC ntuk ko.

singbluesiliver said...

bole saje =)

Monolith said...

looks prime dood!

singbluesiliver said...

thanks bro