Monday, January 18, 2010

Wangan Midnight The Movie..

i seen it last tell u the truth,im really disappointed..just like initial D the movie..why cant they make a good remake movie from the anime..plz stop casting handsome guys just to sell out the movie..btw here is some fact between the anime version and the movie one..

Akio Asakura - Drive a Nissan Fairlady Z31,not a Z32 before he bought the S30z
Reina Akikawa - Drive a White Skyline R32 GTR, not a Riced Red R34 GTR
Kitami Jun - The tuner from hell,who rebuild the devil Z wasn't in the does the other tuner
Yoshiaki Ishida - Drive a White Ferrari Testarossa..not a yellow one
Ko-chan - Drive a Rx7 FC not FD in the movie..

for god sake,don't tell me u cant find that exact model in Japan??!!

The worst of them all in this movie is the wheel fitment on the S30z...the rim is watanabe all right,but urgh...

u see!!...
beside it is a deep dish set of watanabe...why not used it!!no...the director wanna used the pussy type of width and positive offset rim...duh!!also another thing that i noticed,during the last crash scene of the Z,they burned a car which is not a S30z....hahaha u can even spot a different kind of rim.the only thing that they do right is the Porsche and casting the cute Ryoko Kobayashi to play Eriko Asakura hahahaha..overall in the movie,the S30z seem to be over shadowed by its rival the Blackbird..we will see how the second movie will do..

i think i said too much...u guys can check out the raw movie at,thanks to the kind people who upload it..

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