Thursday, February 25, 2010


first time for everything...

will give a proper update soon...currently busy with moving out from my house in s.alam, work overloading and changing jobs...haih..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

600hp car seeking new owner

found at Japan Yahoo Auction by Wrecked Magazine guys hehe

chaser jzx100

here the spec (too lazy to edit it,direct translation from the auction)

2009D1GP USA Car Series championship game three out of four series win against Shingo Saitou Hutoshi (Daigo Saito) is a vehicle.
D1 Auto Salon 2010 was ranked second in the demo run.

D1USA of normal in 2009 in order to participate in the new GX100 is made using the vehicle's body.
Meeting and Convention in driving the use of five times is not used only once. Specified and crash history.

Vehicle is red now.

2JZ 650PS engine
Income 264,264
T78 33D turbine
Koyoarumi radiator
3 layer intercooler
Oil Cooler
Metarutsuinpureto clutch
Injector 850 ㏄
Fuel Punpu Waruboro × 2
Regireta third fuel
F Con V Pro computer Fri
Buriddo seat and two chairs
Four-point harness seat belt
Cusco Tower Bar
Def TRD 3.7 Fantasy
Each adjustment arm leg, Pirro track
F lower arm extension
Special Specification West D members
800SP Heimenpurodakutsu knuckle
Cusco F Sutabi
Prodrive 19-inch wheel 9.5J OFF +12
BN Sports Furuearo exterior hood
FRP doors 4 photos
FRP trunk
Koguchipawa GT Wing
R Difyuza
Defi water temperature gauge, oil temperature, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure
Extinguisher Faiyamasuta

After a full body and the spot Dongarra, strut through, and the other arm in to stop Rorugeji gusset.

Funattsu gave to the computer settings. URL

Painted sheet metal is in charge gave the artworks.

Harmonic DG-5 Replace the current car but with different materials. It can take a car to use the same purchased separately if desired harmonic is possible.

All non-harmonic D1GP car is still available.

This is the car still made it to win the Shingo Saitou Hutoshi D1GP completeness is also possible to participate in things.
I had become a good feeling to drive anyone to ride so I will made under any circumstances!

2010 D1GP sold for money you like to play.

whats more interesting is, a personal sponsor and instructor will teach u how to drift with this car...guess who?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A nice hot day but....

im still awaiting for the 1jz internal fuel pump and the fuel regulator...have to wait until this sunday to install it...
and the worst thing of the turbo dies...continues white smoke...huhuhu..

who do u root for?

it came out a little different than what i design..but its still ok hehe

take ur pick,Black,silver and white

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Supra Angle?

i meant super angle..

MAX Orido custom super angle kit..

damn!im speechless.......

Not a regular Black Mark II

just want to review a mark II from the last year 2nd x8 gethering..
this car belong to one of the Sepang guys,named Mamat..

when he bought the car from the previous owner it was already looking like this..

big win kitted along with a small ducktail,gtr intercooler,and a custom vented hood..

the engine is mostly stock 1jz-gte...noticed the Yamaha Concept Stabilizer Bar huhu..

the errrr red interior...oh wait...whats that thingy on side with "M7" sticker??

oooo shiat!its a Fcon Vpro hehehe....
also nice refurbish Bride semi bucket for the front...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

honda also can drift what?

yaaa the NSX,s2000 and EG6...wait?? u kiddin me?

f20c inside..something different dont u think?

Monday, February 8, 2010

a good combination!

take this Hiace..put a set of rollcage,bucket seat,sabelt and change the wheels

next ask this superstar to drive it..(guess who hehe...there is only 2 drifter in D1gp who have the coolest racing is Orido and the one is_________ )

and there u go!!instant drift formula

lol,i guess they must be bored over there,with so many cool cars around....

Even Ken Gushi Got One...

Cresta face Cressida..

lovin the way Intercooler proudly showing behind the stock bumper!..owh i forgot to mention its 2jz inside huhu....looks like u got a friend Yus(JdmRus) hehe

next stop paintshop!!

more info on the cressida build up click on his blog:

Does Naoki Nakamura Care??

nope he dont!

check out him in the Dmax S15 winning D1SL...
even listen to tezuka laughing on board,watching Nakamura insane overtake!
the purple s14 is smoking cool also!!

Burn Notice?..

it seem like it been caught on a fire and left out to die,hmmm most of the part look okay and intact...maybe....just maybe hehehe.....

tq Gencos for the finding!and sending me this mms

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rushing The 35!

apparently Robbie Nishida and The Hankook Team still working hard on finishing the R35 for the upcoming 2010 US Formula D event..

i dont know how far the progress now,but it looks like a long way to finish,and i noticed this is not the same car that is on 2009 SEMA(refer to Tag R35 below)...

anyway in other news

Nomuken and Blitz Team have manage to get their R35 on the sideways first...sorry,that is the only pic i got....wuhu!!


sunday morning...while rushing to Morib Banting for my outstation work,Jyu decided to fail on me,the fuel problem again,this time without any warning the engine just died..i have to wait almost 2 hours before it can be started again..dont want to take any risk,i drove the car back home,and comeback with my honda....(i was only about 30 minute away from the place im heading!!arrgh hahahah)

since im away for a week,will work things out after i get back..oh wait next week is Chinese New Year,shop will be hu hu

Friday, February 5, 2010

the madness continue - Team KY

got this vid from hirohide tanaka page,dunno why they call it team KY..but the member consist of Hirohide Tanaka himself,Daigo Saito,Shinji Minowa,Robbie Nishida and Toshimitu Masuda in their missile car

things got crazy after 1:00 minute

No Time~

sadly im gonna be busy with work & outstation in this coming month,so it will be less update on my car..

no worry,i will still update this blog as usual


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FreedomS Crew expanding!

Upon request..soon to be release sticker in 3 different colour Black, silver and white...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ridox Update

Source: Max Orido Blog
so far the process of rebuilding the Supra is still ongoing..

Orido seem happy with the all new lovely Agari arms..

could this be the heart??2jz with a massive turbine...hmmm still no info on the engine spec..

crossmember installed

rear diff is already in..

stay tuned!

an old video of the previous Ridox Supra against Taniguchi HKS Genki Altezza

D1GP Atsushi Kuroi dies at 40..

Atsushi Kuroi 1969-2010..Rest in peace..he passed away after a serious injury in a motorcycle accident...

no more of this particular rb26/2jz onevia...

Cool Daily on the street...

Orido kinda rhyme isn't hehe...Jzs161 as a daily car....what!!?