Tuesday, March 30, 2010

will Fix it..

the bad news,here is my fucked up ECU..

to have someone that is capable of repairing electronic things in the family is always a good news(it can saved alot of money as well)..my dad,he used to be an electric technician..so changing a few fried capacitor,isn't too much a problem for him..plus he will checked all the capacitor to make sure everything is okay...

here is a good link on what capacitor that need to be changed..u can even DIY hahaha

hopefully it can be done by next week..insyallah
i miss driving the car already huhu

Monday, March 29, 2010

hohoho what!

i dont know if the hits count is correct or not....
but its show about 200,000 hits on this blog...haha thanks..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

mommy,can i have this??

haha dream on suckers... oh the r32... :(

for sale

Finally Advan Ridox Supra is Ready!

so does Orido at D1GP Round 1 at Odaiba

read on here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Misconception of an Idiot..

*sample pic ..

sometimes i get pretty annoyed with some people thinking of getting an X8...they talked like they know it all..from getting the parts till the maintenance..just becoz u read from blog,forum, hear from other doesn't meant that u experienced it..some even said to me "its been almost 2 years already and ur car is still look like a POS! "(Piece of Shit wtf haha) if u got alot of money..n if ur got ur self a nice ready build up car,good for u...but if ur a person like me with financial problem..try getting a stock X8 with diesel engine,f*ck up interior and out with almost everything that need to be replaced..even if u got the money,its not easy getting the part here in Boleh land (Malaysia)...stop dreaming,this is not like Nissan,where u can easily spotted the things u want..

one more thing,plz stop telling me an X8 with a frame door isn't an Original X8...or the frameless X8 with low roof is for sporty and younger people and the non-frameless high roof is for the older people because they can get in and out of the car easier..hahaha..are u stupid,a moron or a fucking retard??do elaborate more about the Original thingy... for god sake, its a Toyota, x80 and x81 is just an extended version of it..like ae85 and ae86..kp60 and kp61 so on and so on...its still a Mark II, Chaser, Cresta or a Cressida... what is the original thing to talk about??..plz do more research before u decided to bring this matter to me...Yes, i agree the frameless version is much-much more nicer...but at the end of the day its just a fucking door of a car with a lower set of roof and a few inch longer rear end...DUH!! maybe some would say that i am jealous,coz i fail to get the "frameless" version, but what the heck, i always tell myself its still an X8, and if i got it (the "frameless" that everybody is sooo obsess about) it would be a bonus.. FYI Cresta has always been a non frameless model..from x7 till x100..but why isn't everybody complaining?? is it becoz the Japanese are drifting the exact model??bleh....isk, i tell ya, u need to open ur mind laa..dont be such a dumb-ass

im no expert about this X8,as the matter of fact im also still learning,and i don't mind sharing the knowledge i know with u all,but to a few certain people with "a cocky i know it all attitude" i just tend to close the door...my door with the frame of course hahaha

Friday, March 26, 2010

u are blessed...

if u waking up in the morning and saw 2 jzx100 at ur front porch...

one is a street style markII with almost 1000hp

and the other one

a drifting red chaser with 600hp haha

but that only happen if u are Daigo Saito hahaha...

taken from Ova Harlem a.k.a DriftMonkeys FB, as he was in japan recently hehe

KL Drift 2 : Review by "Skabe"

here's the trailer

im too lazy to write so i decided to just copy someone else writing..his name is Skabe from DCM forum..why his point of view? becoz his writing is almost the same as what im thinking hahaha...

"hi i would to share with you all my honest review...

for me overall the drift scene and action is great..their definitely raised up the bar from the previous movie

though the director seem to overlook about the detailing
-the r34 and the jza70 entered a big drift "competition"...but why both the cars got no rollcage,no sabelt and still using the stock seat?
-the shooting scene..i spotted if on the police car the window is cracked or shattered,but on the drifter vehicles..none hehe
- more blood!! u shoot the fella on the head,but the amount of blood coming out...like been bite by a mosquito..hehe

as for the movie plot and the cast..still need more work on that...
-it get annoying every time the villian repeatedly saying when we gonna get the good guy...how long more must we wait...in some scene
-the lame love scene after been chased by the police and villain...haha i swear almost everyone in the cinema was like "Hek ELeh!!jiwang la pulak"(wtf! a love scene)
- the heroin was crying, but it kinda look like she was trying to hold her self from laughing..hahaha
- i really enjoyed watching the 2 villain Aaron Aziz (Joe) and Shaheizy Sam (Ary) coz of their funny chinese "slang"(dialect) haha..really help the movie alot...their were dead serious in the movie but the audiences just keep on laughing every time they open their mouth..farny la hahaha
- there is no ending of the movie..EKLD3 perhaps?
-if the hero was someone else,i think this movie would be better.

so that just about what that i think of what could be better in the movie...sorry if u didnt like what i write...just my point of view..its a good movie,go watch it and get a good laugh..kudos to director,producer,drifters of EKLD2...lets hope they manage to get rm6million if we ever wanna EKLD3"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

what i spotted..

at the KL Drift Carnival....

Zee jzx100 Chaser...but something is not right...yerp definitely the height..

and aaaaa.....

a replica of HKS CT-230R...blergh hahahaha not sure if it can go that fast huhu

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

war of comment..

over this Super GT Style R34 of Malaysia.....
a very-very interesting read
the link
so what do u think??
im not gonna say a thing bout it....
but for those who know me..know what im thinking of hehe

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KL Drift 2 : the carnival

in conjunction with the upcoming "KL Drift 2", there have been a carnival held at Dataran Merdeka last Saturday as part of promotion act to the movie..since my new home is so near to the place,i decided to check it out...

in cinema 25 mac 2010...will give my full review about this movie after i watch it...

the carnival consist of autoshow, performance parts booth, the casts of the movie, and drift demo by the pro drifters

the three Nissan for the demo

Yoong S13

Zee 180sx

and last but not least, Along cefiro..

photo credit to Ijhar Rusli of Fotografia De Lyzard Team

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fresh from the Oven

the reason we choose this colour is to bring back the olskool ke70 feel..
should be comin home next week

more on this car update later..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

If Koguchi and Kuroi were brothers?

they would most probably be from New Zealand, and they name would be



Joel of C's Garage hahahaha...

Unforgettable Wings...

where i have seen this Drag style spoiler before...with denso sticker some more...

from tezuka black version jzx81...hehe...tezuka said its a nice fit

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cool Factor Updated!

1) 1jz From Jzx81 with Manual GearBox
2) IRS Subframe
3) 2 Way Lsd
4) 17inch Wheel 8jj/9jj minimum with GTR offset
5) Nissan 4pot Front & 2pot Rear
6) Rca
7) Jzx81 Front & Rear Facelift
8) Apexi Safc II
9) Apexi Rsm
10) Apexi Boost Meter EL Black Interface
11) Apexi Oil Press Meter
12) Oil Temp
13) Water Temp Meter
14) Gtr size Front Mount Intercooler
15) Big Win kit
16) 3 inch Exhaust system
17) Oil Cooler kit
18) Oil Catch Tank
19) Wastegate 38mm
20) Single Turbo Conversion
21) Vented hood
22) Blow Off
23) Boost Controller
24) Custom Roll Cage
25) 2 tone Paint Job
26) Full Bucket & Semi Bucket
27) 14inch Nardi Olskool Steering

the one with red wording is either already bought and install or already bought and not yet install hahaha...around 16 more stuff to go!

go goreen..

Mahfuz red monster Sr20N/a Ke70...now

is in green colour...

cant wait to see it in action again :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Alive maaa!!!

Joe40c finally get his car up and running again...

he was so happy, he decided washed the car...for the first time after several years of hibernating on top of a jackstand haha...

as u can see there's no muffler,next stop exhaust shop...

Half Cooked~~

freedoms daily spec..just a little bit more until were done painting...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i put in WORK >> R.I.P Green Goblin

last week i emailed my friend Logan, over at iputinWORK.com asking him if he can fill in a slot about Wadi Green Goblin Lancer that been using a Work Equip wheels...
here it is now
many-many thanks Logan! from us, we really appreciated it

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Potrait

the FT86 with its previous siblings,Ae86, Celica Gt and the Jza80..

Monday, March 8, 2010

lets play the "if" game

if i got an extra cash,if my mark II project is already finish..and if god willing..

i will definitely get this car.and finished this on-hold project. here are some spec

Year :1997
Engine : 1jz, (judging from the pic,i think its from jza70 / jzz30 model)
Transmission : Manual
Front Mount Intercooler (GTR) with stainless steel piping,

also i noticed,the nice interior,brown coloured,powered window,and the handbrake lever is just like what i thinking of doing..not like my fucked up grey model,where i to change all the interior hahaha

price rm15k nego..

here the ad on mudah

Ridox 2jz inside!

as promised,here is the heart of the ridox supra

still cant figured out what turbo he's using hehe

im guessing the engine is almost done...btw check out v-mount style intercooler and nicely paint servo pump...this is truely one pimp out Supra done by the master itself hehe

Pimp the ridox!

here are whats currently going on with Orido Supra,

for Ben Kunk,here how the super angle kit look like....hope it help hehe

if this doesnt stop the car,i dont know what will hehe...

the super angle....again....

ATL 20litre fuel tank is in as well

Varis Carbon Fiber dashboard

racepak..huhuh i want one!!haha

finally u cant be a pimp without those bright 6000k H.I.D

this is actually a few weeks back update,as i been Missing In Action...more update on the ridox supra tomorrow...

In time of great chaos.....

my mind tend to find an easy escape way....that is owning something that i always wanted...the "R32"

forget the weak internal rb25det.....20 is just fine by me..plus a minor mod..

someday.....just maybe i will own one...
but for now,it will just be a pigment of my imagination..blah hahaha

Sunday, March 7, 2010

shit just got worst everytime...

on fine Sunday afternoon, i decided to sent the car to the workshop to install the fuel regulator and internal fuel pump..at first everything alright...then it breakdown in the middle of the highway...

waiting for the tow truck to come..

i was escorted by the freedoms crew (lan n Ipin) and Ajis (Ipin older bro) with his bosuzoku Bmw..

30 minute later the tow truck come,lan helping me with the loading and were off to setapak..

thanks to Bob towing service and rm170 flew away from my pocket hahaha?...

upon arrival,Shahrul (the mechanic) remove the tank and the external fuel pump..

my bosch external fuel pump,still can be used...will keep it just in-case if i decided to use a surge tank..

i also in need of the digital float..(*that is the stock float in the pic..currently still searching for the digital one huhu).since i dont know how much fuel left in my tank..

we supposed to install the works fuel regulator as well but we got the wrong set of adapter...

upon starting the car,the problem of overflowing fuel on injector 3 & 5 happen again.. the engine combustion isn't nice till the exhaust squirting unburnt fuel through the smoke.. shahrul begin diagnosis all the possibilities like the coil pack, injector, spark plug, fuel line and he even done the compression test (all in good condition)...he conclude that the problem might be the faulty ECU.. luckily Koopang was around with his car, so i borrow his car ECU and put it into mine and it work just fine..*sigh....another parts that need to be replace,aside from the turbo...

i also test Aim spare ECU,called The Factory Jokers..its kinda special becoz the ECU got some external black box and it have been tuned by the japanese for track used (there was a sticker saying it so)..the noticeable different reaction when the engine start is the idling, revving automatically when up and down from 1000rpm till 1500rpm (like it got a high-cam) but once i step on the gas pedal the revving easily reaching 5500rpm,very light...

but it was nothing like that when on Aim car,the idling maintain at 3000rpm and when we installed it to koopang car the idling set nicely at 500rpm... so i assumed that the ECU characteristic/reaction is totally different on other cars...

the time was already 11.30p.m, im getting tired so i install back my faulty ECU and went back home...just when im reaching home,the car when into another breakdown.....causing it to be tow once again....twice in one day....i should have borrow Aim ECU that time..

arrived home around 12.30a.m,unloading the car,park it at the usual spot,lock the door and i didnt even bother thinking about it.sooo sleepy..go for a drink with lan and ipin...and went straight to bed... still have to work the next day...


the gtr fiber lips got damage during towing..but nothing that couldn't be fixed hehe..Bob the tow truck guy said that he have towed several X8 but none of it is slammed like this....hahaha i guess i take it as compliment...

so at the moment i will put on hold all Jyu progress,becoz i ran out of my budget,(repairing the ECU and turbo will definitely not cheap), im currently busy with worked, and next week im starting my job on a new work place...huhuhu its pretty messed up right now...sigh...

it does works?..

works engineering fuel regulator set....
but havent installed it yet..got the wrong adaptor and my car in the shitties condition right now....

also thanks to Amat dx or shall i say Amat Cefi hehehe for giving me the ae86 bosskit...im lovin it hehe

Friday, March 5, 2010

A tribute to one diehard A172 fans

a sad news for friends and family of Irwadi Aki a.k.a Wadi Lancer as he passed away today (friday 5th march 2010) at HUKM due to heart and lungs complication..

honestly i didnt know him that well but what i really know is that he is a Petrol head...always passionate about cars and bike...and why do we call him Wadi Lancer? becoz he is a hard core fans of A172 Mitsubishi Lancer that he call the Green Goblin!

powered by the mighty Sr20det with Gt 3540R turbine

one deep dish work equip ...how deep u may asked?

not that much haha (18x10.5 offsett -3 R: 18x12 0ffsett 0 )
he also have a spare set of work meister (18x9 offsett +35 R: 18x110 0ffset +35 ) that he wanna let go off....

u can check out the rest of his car spec here:

more pic of the green goblin during track day

Wadi also have another project car, a Mazda 808 rotary..link to the build up

finally, al-fatihah to Irwadi Aki (1977-2010)..may Allah blessed ur soul...u'll be missed...and legacy u left will be remembered forever!