Saturday, March 27, 2010

Misconception of an Idiot..

*sample pic ..

sometimes i get pretty annoyed with some people thinking of getting an X8...they talked like they know it all..from getting the parts till the maintenance..just becoz u read from blog,forum, hear from other doesn't meant that u experienced it..some even said to me "its been almost 2 years already and ur car is still look like a POS! "(Piece of Shit wtf haha) if u got alot of money..n if ur got ur self a nice ready build up car,good for u...but if ur a person like me with financial problem..try getting a stock X8 with diesel engine,f*ck up interior and out with almost everything that need to be replaced..even if u got the money,its not easy getting the part here in Boleh land (Malaysia)...stop dreaming,this is not like Nissan,where u can easily spotted the things u want..

one more thing,plz stop telling me an X8 with a frame door isn't an Original X8...or the frameless X8 with low roof is for sporty and younger people and the non-frameless high roof is for the older people because they can get in and out of the car easier..hahaha..are u stupid,a moron or a fucking retard??do elaborate more about the Original thingy... for god sake, its a Toyota, x80 and x81 is just an extended version of ae85 and ae86..kp60 and kp61 so on and so on...its still a Mark II, Chaser, Cresta or a Cressida... what is the original thing to talk about??..plz do more research before u decided to bring this matter to me...Yes, i agree the frameless version is much-much more nicer...but at the end of the day its just a fucking door of a car with a lower set of roof and a few inch longer rear end...DUH!! maybe some would say that i am jealous,coz i fail to get the "frameless" version, but what the heck, i always tell myself its still an X8, and if i got it (the "frameless" that everybody is sooo obsess about) it would be a bonus.. FYI Cresta has always been a non frameless model..from x7 till x100..but why isn't everybody complaining?? is it becoz the Japanese are drifting the exact model??bleh....isk, i tell ya, u need to open ur mind laa..dont be such a dumb-ass

im no expert about this X8,as the matter of fact im also still learning,and i don't mind sharing the knowledge i know with u all,but to a few certain people with "a cocky i know it all attitude" i just tend to close the door with the frame of course hahaha


K. Gushi said...

nicely put.


Amar Gencos said...

Hehehee. U r talking pasal 'kwn' baru ko yg bli 80 ke bob? Hehehehe.

singbluesiliver said...

hehe thanks ken :)

gencos- general,"sape makan cili dier yg rasa haha..." benda ni aku rasa lama dah,sejak zaman aku baru je beli kete aku tu..perspektif orang..kena kasi ubah skit