Friday, March 26, 2010

KL Drift 2 : Review by "Skabe"

here's the trailer

im too lazy to write so i decided to just copy someone else writing..his name is Skabe from DCM forum..why his point of view? becoz his writing is almost the same as what im thinking hahaha...

"hi i would to share with you all my honest review...

for me overall the drift scene and action is great..their definitely raised up the bar from the previous movie

though the director seem to overlook about the detailing
-the r34 and the jza70 entered a big drift "competition"...but why both the cars got no rollcage,no sabelt and still using the stock seat?
-the shooting scene..i spotted if on the police car the window is cracked or shattered,but on the drifter vehicles..none hehe
- more blood!! u shoot the fella on the head,but the amount of blood coming been bite by a mosquito..hehe

as for the movie plot and the cast..still need more work on that...
-it get annoying every time the villian repeatedly saying when we gonna get the good long more must we some scene
-the lame love scene after been chased by the police and villain...haha i swear almost everyone in the cinema was like "Hek ELeh!!jiwang la pulak"(wtf! a love scene)
- the heroin was crying, but it kinda look like she was trying to hold her self from laughing..hahaha
- i really enjoyed watching the 2 villain Aaron Aziz (Joe) and Shaheizy Sam (Ary) coz of their funny chinese "slang"(dialect) haha..really help the movie alot...their were dead serious in the movie but the audiences just keep on laughing every time they open their mouth..farny la hahaha
- there is no ending of the movie..EKLD3 perhaps?
-if the hero was someone else,i think this movie would be better.

so that just about what that i think of what could be better in the movie...sorry if u didnt like what i write...just my point of view..its a good movie,go watch it and get a good laugh..kudos to director,producer,drifters of EKLD2...lets hope they manage to get rm6million if we ever wanna EKLD3"

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