Monday, March 8, 2010

Pimp the ridox!

here are whats currently going on with Orido Supra,

for Ben Kunk,here how the super angle kit look like....hope it help hehe

if this doesnt stop the car,i dont know what will hehe...

the super angle....again....

ATL 20litre fuel tank is in as well

Varis Carbon Fiber dashboard

racepak..huhuh i want one!!haha

finally u cant be a pimp without those bright 6000k H.I.D

this is actually a few weeks back update,as i been Missing In Action...more update on the ridox supra tomorrow...


DriftaholiC said...

Thats crazy it deep-throats the onld attachment point hahaha


singbluesiliver said...

yeah man,that is crazy shit haha