Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trouble from the beginning

we all know Orido is back on top of his game now with the Ridox is an old video of his Aristo,where everything is not wrong,its just not right...

must be a toy car?

i think that every single cent and time spend on rebuilding this car have been worth matter how long it take to get it done..seeing this car on the driveway again yesterday, definitely put a smile on my face..with the sound of metal scrapping on the road each time there's un-even surfaced or when trying to pass a speed showed that nobody cars here is lower than his..some say its insane,not practical and ridiculous..i say go F*ck with them..this is ideology,where u do things that other people are too scared to do..hahaha...

lastly...i also want a wastegate!!...cant stand the sound of it when joe40c floored it...bzzzzz hahaha

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

aaaaa not again...

the "boxer" engine symptoms return.. one or two piston is not running...also spotted some spark on the no 3 coil pack,leak maybe?? i switch the coil pack up,still the same...also i took out the ECU and change one of the capacitor that i bought before..haven't got a chance to test it up..been busy with working and its been raining almost every evening...

window shopping..

last saturday,at a place that is well known by the X8 owners hehe..

lots of GX81 & Jzx81 doors esp for Cresta, and frameless X8 model...cant seem to find the frame one hhuhu..

lets learn something,the different between gx and jzx door is the lining..jzx one is a little bit thicker than the gx

aaaa mark II fenders in the store..

2pc only avs model 5 version 1, 17 x 9 offset 38..rm500..huhu

a few jzx100 halfcut and a gx81 cresta hehe

actually i was there to find a float for my digital meter,found,buy and test it at home...only to find out i got the analog model...isk...came back and try to search for the digital one and failed...hehe better luck next time...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what is "Rad"

got back from Joe40c house,

helping him install his 50mm Dmax wide body..

working class heroes..

done..he was thinking of getting 70mm koguchi power wide body,but its impossible to get it here in boleh land...why 70mm?hehehe...

i also tested how low his ride is after putting the side skirt....approximately 5cm from the ground.. WTFish!!!

this is why he opted for 70mm over the 50mm..the rim still sticking out bro hehe

the mighty 18 inch SSR Vienna Kris.....

so i think u got the idea of what is "Rad" now...hehehe

Baby,why u all wet?

nothing related with the tittle the quote was from the movie "Shutter Island"
a chasing chaser..

aaaa spot anything..

in need of rescuer...hehe

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Broken Lips.. like laziness hehe

at sunway piramid just now,watching a very confusing movie called shutter island...errr...anyway i need a relay for starter,car starting to act funny again...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

twenty only?

one of the most responsive Rb20det i have ever driven...Zyfull ex-cefiro..everything from the engine setup,suspension,looks is just perfect for a drift car...too bad the car was stolen two years he is currently rebuilding another cefiro and the engine of choice?hehe u guess?,lets hope it can match up the performance of the old one coz i still haven't forgot the power it produce and make me wonder is it really a rb twenty only??hahaha

Monday, April 19, 2010

All for one or all in one??

after my car got broken into,i became phobia to put meter or gadget on the dashboard...being a fans of Apexi stuff,but im more interested in this now..

Defi Link Display..just need a controller,sensors and all the reading like water,oil temp,oil pressure will be on 1 would be less hassle compare to put all those meter on display..risky as well..due to its compact size,it easily be hide...but i know one thing for ain't cheap~~..continue to dream on huhu..

spot the X

a few of my buddies loves sending me MMS pic of xseries that their here a few of them..

mamat sepang x8 mark ii with a new set of white wheels..

alvin a.k.a Icon ex-car,now belong to driftdaddy, he got it a bargain price,less than rm20k huhu

a white x8 chaser spotted in Perak by boy tetek..a friend of his actually hehe

x100 driven by an uncle around KL area hehe credit to zyfull

thanks and keep sending more hehe

missing pieces of the puzzle..

Rs Component ordered it directly from Nichicon Japan...25pc of 15uF 63V capacitor...since i cant find the 35V, this will do..

so here's the deal, if any of u got a faulty 1jz ECU and wanted to repair it,i can do it for u for only RM50...i did a survey,most of the shop will charge it at the minimum price of RM100...the catch is there is no warranty and i only change 5 of the favorite fried capacitor...(offer stand in Malaysia only hehe)

interested plz sms/call me 012-6680474 Azrin

p/s:this is more of a helping hand rather than making profit ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its My Life

once,they were nobody..i dont understand what they talking bout..hahaha


saturday, pulling out the spare door from the store...
i thank god,becoz i still have this set of doors
after almost an hour figuring out how to remove this damn thing haha..
done, in less than 30minute,now that i know how hehe...
also i noticed the wiper thread isn't in a good condition.making it only turn halfway..wanna find a replacement but im pretty sure i wont find it in a short notice..
the solution,the white thread tape...
give it a few spin....and tight it up....walla!its done

finally,for safety reason,i moved Jyu to my new home...feel more safer already :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 of a kind~

Bad Ass..

the Banting Guys havin a time out at the beach...all powered by 1jz..taken from one of their members FB,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

from the brain of a demon..

joe40c is now a blogger..


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fucking thives strike twice in one day!

first case
while i was attending a course at my office..i got a call from my dad around 3p.m asking me if i forgot to lock the car door ....and the rear boot was opened..then he told me my rear window was smashed...i knew something was i rushed home to this...

if only the faggots know how hard to find this window!!

look like the asshole seem to be on the rush coz they only manage to take my apexi EL boost meter and the trd gear knob..luckily radio, pen timer,air filter,works fuel regulator set (haven't installed yet) and battery(they already pull the negative wire out) was still also thankful the ECU and the wiring was unharmed..although it was moved from the original position...its quite bold of those motherfucker stealing things on the raining daylight..the funny thing is the idiot cut the boost meter wiring too short,how supposed the connect the light?bastard retarded!!hahaha.....

so i parked the car inside my house garage..took out all the stuff mention above..temporarily put a plastic to cover the broken window...good thing i still have a spare set of door around..the only problem its not cromax...will change it this saturday,and move the car to my other house in KL..isk..i was thinking of bringing it over after i fix the turbo....oh well before bad come to worst and if the pussy bitch decided to come for round two,i better move it...

second case

last week,Ipin sent his ke70 for a bodywork job in Klang,this morning he got a called from his brother saying his Ssr mesh wheels was stolen!!!fuck!!!in the same day..

i really-really hope the fucking thieves died in a terrible accident!!and their soul rot in hell!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

sneak preview : the Bulubird Master!

they say that the phoenix rise from the ashes,well same goes for this Bluebird and its owner, NottyEddy..he is the among the earliest guys to drift using mitsubishi lancer A17X chassis and the nissan bluebird in Bolehland..sadly he retired from drifting activity and now he's back..almost hehe..
the previous bluebird was equipped with RB20det from R31 halfcut that is tuned by R31house.. this time its Sr20det!

the wheel of choice?panasport G7!

stay tuned...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Cresta..

got this mms from a friend of mine,just wanna share it with y'all
dunno whats the spec,but that look like a Gtr intercooler..
zenki front n rear light
not digging the wheel and the fitment hehe..
actually i seen this car before at sunway area hehe

just a normal weekend..

friday night, i hangout with Salik and his gx81..nice guy and his ride is in a superb condition..the best thing about it,its not a taxi base model hehe...

sorry crappy camera...

saturday,afternoon decided to go to the chop shop...its been ages since i last visited not buying anything just wondering around...(no money hehe)i noticed something different when i step on the clutch..the liquid in the clutch pump is empty.must be a leak i quickly top up it..thats soon yeen autoparts Ae86 btw hehe..

sunday,raining in the evening,while driving around,my right side wiper suddenly not working...too lazy to check the problem...maybe this weekend..huhu

first outing..

after almost 2years..on the side of the the exhaust shop...

Friday, April 9, 2010

From Rs Component

got it today through courier..

good service..i highly recommended it hehe


i fucking mistakenly order the wrong set !@#$% rm17 wasted...huhu

here is the right one

anyway i re-order the capacitor...hope to be getting the right one soon...

the link

Thursday, April 8, 2010

today lesson - Stock kit 101

this is how u should do the body-kit if using stock front n rear bumper..
the arches is done nicely as well..not too over..(ride need a lil slamming though hehe).
btw the registration number is soo familiar..hmmm

jzx90 dashboard..always something different than the usual..i like it but considering the space it eat up inside the cockpit,i prefer the X8 one hehe..

some spec..
-1jz manual from 90 model
-black interior,
-a pair of r34 seat
-trust intercooler,-
-Adjustable suspension,
-Apexi RSM and SAFC II

this car is for sale at the price tag of Rm36k..
here's the ad