Sunday, April 4, 2010

DIY ECU Aftermath..

here is the f*ck up capacitor that been making the engine gone insane..
the red circle is the new replaced capacitor and see the rusted board due to the fried capacitor (yellow arrow)
my dad didn't manage to find a replacement for this 15uF 35v he said to just use it first,if still a problem with the ECU,then we will know the source of the way i found out that there a company called RS-Component Malaysia,located in Shah Alam have the exact capacitor that im looking for..thanks to "Google" hahaha...will gave them a call on Monday..
also bought a spare capacitor just in case hehe..

so i went home,connect the wiring,and crank it up...nothing..connect the cable and jump the battery..still nothing..replaced thebattery with the other set...and with just one crank the engine started!!the old battery was dead..
Ipin and i noticed the engine idling is lower than before...around 500rpm,so we adjust it a little higher and we go for a run around the place just to check if the problem is still there...

after of almost an hour of smooth driving,we concluded that the ECU is fixed!haha no more jerking,no more flooded spark plug hahaha
unlike before, i hate driving with the a/c on becoz the idling is quite high,even after we adjust it,now its just comforting hehe...damn,capacitor really play an important roll on the engine behaviour...

many-many thanks to my dad,who repaired the ECU with the cheapest cost ever!

next up oil change,new spark plug and the most important....servicing the twin turbo...
heavy smoke like the car is on fire...errr i cant drive like this

also i need to replaced my dad battery,coz i took it out from his car hahaha..

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