Wednesday, April 7, 2010

he's a genius

i just can`t get it.. by Joe40cent

case 1

a : "dude you should lower your car"
b : "cannnoooooot. later hard to drive. functionality all gone. cannot turn properly. handling all gone"
a : "owh so you drive daily?"
b : "no no no. are you crazy?? petrol will kill me! i have another daily car"
a : "owh ok so enter competition???play circuit or anything like that??"
b : "no just street oni, go gathering, street race and stuff"
a : "then why the fuck are you worried about functionality and handling??"
b : "errr..but later speed humps how??"
a : "owh ur housing area got a lot of humps eh??"
b : "not really. the road is quite good.."
a : "so why the fuck cant you lower your car?"
b : "errr.....yeah actually i`m a faggot"
a : "yeah that is the exact answer you should gave me earlier"...

case 2

a : "shit dude, how wide are those tyres??"
b : "335/35 r compound on a 12 inch wide"
a : "shit the max i run for my 12j is 255/35 must be fucking expensive rite?"
b : "yeah dude. cost me around 5g for a pair of those"
a : "damn. ur cefiro must run some serious power and enter some massive competition"
b : "not really. my engine is bone stock aside from the fmic, exhaust and hks filter. and i didn`t even enter any comps"
a : "so why spend 5g when you don`t have to??"
b : "actually i didn`t feel it wasn`t necessary either. but all my friends in my carclub recommended me these. they said its good."
a : "so you need to rely on a bunch of faggots to tell you on how you should spend your money on??"
b : ", i ask for their opinion oni since i`m not that good at tyres"
a : "why dont you just fuckin use google??? u know internet is not just for porn"
b : "uhmmm....actually i`m retarded."
a : "indeed"

case 3

a : "shit dude look at your engine setup man. fuckin explosive!"
b : "yeah. i spent almost 100k for the entire car. drifting setup bro. even my workshop name is inspired from a drift competition"
a : "and look at that sponsor sticker all over your car??!! this is one sick s15 bro"
b : "yeah i managed to get a lot of sponsors"
a : '"for real?? damn dude, u must have won something before??? i bet you won a lot"
b : "actually i don`t even qualify on the last comp."
a : " you havent won anything before at all??"
b : "not really. car keep giving me problems."
a : "sounds like technical problem. u know la nowadays workshops talk big oni. when do, dunno. you don`t have any other car??"
b : "actually i do. rotary powered bro. brap brap brap"
a : "cool. drifting setup also i bet. u must have won something with this rite"
b : "yeah drifting also. and actually havent win anything. not used with the power band"
a : "dude u complained a lot."
b : "what to do. i didnt even like to drift that much. i drift because it seems to be the 'in thing' rite now and my dad has a lot of money. i guess i am a retarded faggot."
a : "yeah dude. u`re much more gayer than elton john."



marss said...

Not surprised people like that are all over the world.

They "build" cars and either give up or sell them before they even attempt to drive them, haha.


singbluesiliver said...

agreed with u bro hehe