Monday, April 19, 2010

missing pieces of the puzzle..

Rs Component ordered it directly from Nichicon Japan...25pc of 15uF 63V capacitor...since i cant find the 35V, this will do..

so here's the deal, if any of u got a faulty 1jz ECU and wanted to repair it,i can do it for u for only RM50...i did a survey,most of the shop will charge it at the minimum price of RM100...the catch is there is no warranty and i only change 5 of the favorite fried capacitor...(offer stand in Malaysia only hehe)

interested plz sms/call me 012-6680474 Azrin

p/s:this is more of a helping hand rather than making profit ;)


zairil said...

salam bro,can you mention what are the symptom of 1jzgte ecu faults,because today i having engine check light,but when i switch off the engine the light is off and start again,the check light is gone,can you help me,thank you.

singbluesiliver said...

salam,for my case its like a 5 cyclinder engine