Thursday, April 8, 2010

today lesson - Stock kit 101

this is how u should do the body-kit if using stock front n rear bumper..
the arches is done nicely as well..not too over..(ride need a lil slamming though hehe).
btw the registration number is soo familiar..hmmm

jzx90 dashboard..always something different than the usual..i like it but considering the space it eat up inside the cockpit,i prefer the X8 one hehe..

some spec..
-1jz manual from 90 model
-black interior,
-a pair of r34 seat
-trust intercooler,-
-Adjustable suspension,
-Apexi RSM and SAFC II

this car is for sale at the price tag of Rm36k..
here's the ad


zairil said...

hello there bro,actually i just bought this car at rm30k,the car condition i would say 6/10,i was thinking to change the dashboard with x81 because the dashboard "dah pecah-pecah",i'm being reading your blog to give some idea how to deal with jzx world (^__^),i hope we can share some knowledge.

singbluesiliver said...

hi bro,sorry for the late reply,becoz i seldom check old posting,why dont u just post all question or inquiry at the chat box and i would be happy to reply there :)