Tuesday, April 27, 2010

window shopping..

last saturday,at a place that is well known by the X8 owners hehe..

lots of GX81 & Jzx81 doors esp for Cresta, and frameless X8 model...cant seem to find the frame one hhuhu..

lets learn something,the different between gx and jzx door is the lining..jzx one is a little bit thicker than the gx

aaaa mark II fenders in the store..

2pc only avs model 5 version 1, 17 x 9 offset 38..rm500..huhu

a few jzx100 halfcut and a gx81 cresta hehe

actually i was there to find a float for my digital meter,found,buy and test it at home...only to find out i got the analog model...isk...came back and try to search for the digital one and failed...hehe better luck next time...

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zairil said...

bro where is this place?since i just new with toyota mark2 jzx81,can you tell me where is this place,thank you.