Monday, May 31, 2010

photo of the day : jzz20 soarer

why is it so hard to find this chassis here in Boleh Land!!!!

A Flashback, Yoshi Shinya Special Cresta

i know this is old news already,but what the heck,its cool and i like it..yeah he is disable just like Okabe,but that doesn't stop him from drifting.. and compare to Okabe jzx81 cresta, this jzx100 have more to gadget and technical stuff


Owner Yoshi Shinya

Hometown Yokohama, japan

Daily Grind It Consultant
chrome and shine,a Weld Sign

Power Est. 480hp at 6500rpm, 420 lb-ft at 5800rpm (19 psi of boost)

Under The Hood 1JZ-GTE; Weld head tuning, suction pipe, full polished, port polished, Div Flame, power-steering tank, heat sink cover, exhaust system; HKS intercooler, camshafts; GReddy TD06-25G turbo; Trust exhaust manifold wastegate, air cleaner, radiator, timing belt, oil cooler; Nismo R33 fuel pump; A'PEXi 1.1mm head gasket; Sard fuel regulator 530cc injectors

Drive Train ATS Carbon twin clutch

Brains A'pexi Power FC; Weld SP Type-D CPU setting

Rollers Work Emotion XD-9 18x9 +30 offset (front), 18x10 +38 offset (rear); Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 235/40R18 (front), 265/35R18 (rear)

Stoppers Trd Calipers; Weld slotted rotors, Type R pads

Outside Weld candy paint; Vertex body kit; Xanthic red carbon tilt-up hood; Art Factory vinyl graphics; Ganador mirrors

Inside Modified Guidosimplex Weld Handicap System-steering, shift and brake systems, 16-point rollcage, four and single pod carbon meter panels, engine starter; Nardi Gara steering wheel; Bride semi-bucket seats; Defi System gauges

(a direct copy and paste)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick Stop : Tong Turbo

Jai currently rebuilding his next drift car,so he is looking for a suitable turbo..where better place to go than Tong Turbo...i decided to follow as well,since i never been there before..

as he is busy talking to the shop assistant,my eyes are hooked on this...Greddy TD06 25G huhu... price?? rm3.8k nett..damn huhu...

look how small it is beside the mighty T88 huhu

if that not big enough,why dont u try this one?hahahaha

in love with the twin

especially Sonia im not talking about 1jz twin turbo is not all about cars right?hahaha...

Randomness of May

exhaust inspired by Daigo saito D1 jzx90? haha Nottyeddy bulubird monster

Joe40c turning heads whenever it hits the street

no update on Jyu for the moment as im dead broke...even the roadtax expired already huhu..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Sunday is fun day..

Sunday Funday 2.0 from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Melaka : A Place of History..

*Warning : this is not a Cars related post LOL

a little intro,on the place

sorry i been a away for a while..i had to attend a National Course at Melaka for almost a week...just got back,damn tired but it was fun! after the course ended my colleague and i decided to visited "Bandar Hilir" in Melaka before we when back to KL..
Flor De La Mar, the replica of Portuguese battle ship that invaded Melaka
one of the new attraction in Melaka,Taming Sari Tower
what u can see from the tower..the whole melaka town

Melaka Museum is one of many museum u can find here ,this building is actually a replicate of Melaka Palace during the glory is also said that the original size of the palace is 10 times bigger than the replica..huhu..

sadly the time wasn't on our side as we only given about an hour to wonder around..but that will do, as it also help me release some stress of work, and life,kinda like a quick tour or a short holiday hahaha...

remember that history is important,with out it we are a nothing..(hehe must be the effect from the course i attend)

so to all my friends outside of Malaysia who decided to come for a holiday,this is definitely a place to be!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOL it must be spelled "bee bee ass"

last week i followed Joe40c to Klang as he was changing a new set of tire for his 800hp Perodua Kancil hahaha..(im being sarcastic)then we spotted this..

an imitation BBS wheels for BMW...spec 18 x 10jj offset 30 something...damn!!who care if its imitation..u guys seem to like Filipino Rota wheels hahaha...i like it and the price is not that expensive hehe..but why must it come in 18inch only...if only it was 17inch hahaha...

600 comes Ben!

my buddy over at jzxproject Ben Kunk is getting his ride ready for the upcoming Formula D USA..

jzx90 600hp in the making!

2years ago he qualified 1st in the Pro-Am Nationals @ Red Bull's World Drifting Championship in Long Beach..using his trusty Cressida alongside Ameen Rizvi

long live 4doors of F*ck u!

follow his journey

Monday, May 17, 2010

Real life Tony Stark...

well sorta..LOL the kid didn't actually build the armor suit..silly..but what could be the next generation super the one u see in the Ironman movie..

deng,deng,deng....better get in line.otherwise u dont know what u missed out..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


a friend of mine said that my blog is lacked of technical stuff..

so this is a start.. 1jz engine manual


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SR Lady..

i still prefer it uses the L series engine!

N-Style Custom Soarer..

i like it!!

more on it here

Monday, May 10, 2010


i made up my mind..about the direction im heading
my new target

toward a cleaner, less crowded and less wiring engine bay!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fuck X Gazillion times !!!

officially i hate my engine bay!!i realize it just fucked up messy with wiring and too crowded..and the unsolved engine problem is definitely not helping.. plus im having a mentally breakdown at 2a.m in the morning!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

90 monkey

this is Zul Hachiroku so called daily car,when he first got the car it was 1jz N/A,then he swap to a GTE,only weeks after the transplant,as he was cruising (or should i saw wangan hehe) the oil pump on the engine decided to fail and bye-bye it got a more stronger heart,a 2jz!
Uras kitted recently added..this pic was taken by the whole car is white
argh again...i cant stand of the back..its just so damn Cool!

18inch Rota wheel that he bought from the Thai Drifter at 2009 Formula D Malaysia..i forgot the spec..

Zul is now sourcing for a 6 speed Gearbox as currently the car is an auto what we can expect next Zul??

no.31 ur up!

Robbie Nishida R35 GTR is ready for Formula D Atlanta..


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

white and bash!

spotted a white mark II on the video...just for little while...the rest is all Ueo..

Saito missile silo!

honestly im not a fan of a missile car...but if its what it take to polished ur drifting skills...what the hell..
this pic was taken a around end of last year...its Daigo saito next missile car..he just love this x90 chassis..can anyone tell me who drift a missile car with a 295/35/19 tire??i guess only this mad man hahaha..
aaaaa...emotionally im sad of the outcome...hahaha

this is during recent 2010 Drift Matsuri..
the arse is missing...due to much grinding on the side wall
killer entry

think again bro hahaha...super angle Daigo Saito style!

thats not it...

so i try changing the igniter...still the same up diagnose time!

freedom crew Burn Lancer and may A31 spotted...

Wally for the day : GarageSlipway

Waz and his Jzx81 markII..

dont forget to check out his blog

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes and No




during one of D1 round recently,orido was with Manabu Suzuki that time..looks like the steering is locked or something..source that i got from Orido blog,said that both of them is okay..but still no update on the car..

Road trip by Boost Samurai!

i just know that the Sepang guys team was called Boost Samurai hehe..they recently organized a road trip Penang...
mamat..take note,the person beside the car isn't him hehe
Zameer ex car with hipposleek add on lips
Padil..oh sh*t its that AVS Model 6 Version 2 wheel?? of my favorite rims!

ooo how that get in there hehe

sources : Boost Samurai members FB

Sunday, May 2, 2010

back up have arrived..

trying to solve the engine problem again....

got this 2nd hand Denso Iridium Spark Plugs...thanks to Za

also i went to Ampang to borrow this..

ooo its look like The Factory Joker have a secret...

this actually came along when Aim bought wonder the ECU got unstable revving hehe....too bad there is no capable tuner for F-con here in boleh land...

so i change the plug and put in Aim first it started running okay..then after a few minute,it happen again...1 or 2 piston isnt working i suspected it wasn't the ECU problem...but the check light warning appeared...isk

i met a dead end for today..called a few 1jz owners,and ask them about their opinion and they suggested,try changing the igniter first..and if that didn't work..i might have to sent it for a check up using a diagnose tomorrow i will borrow the igniter from Aim..till then....huhuhu

out n about

after almost 2 month on a outstation job,the Freedoms Crew DIY expert Matlan Lan have finally return..

broken poser spec and the daily spec..hehe

we then headed to William, Petaling Jaya for a Dinner...

soda herb drink and extra cheese pepperoni pizza...slurrp