Sunday, May 2, 2010

back up have arrived..

trying to solve the engine problem again....

got this 2nd hand Denso Iridium Spark Plugs...thanks to Za

also i went to Ampang to borrow this..

ooo its look like The Factory Joker have a secret...

this actually came along when Aim bought wonder the ECU got unstable revving hehe....too bad there is no capable tuner for F-con here in boleh land...

so i change the plug and put in Aim first it started running okay..then after a few minute,it happen again...1 or 2 piston isnt working i suspected it wasn't the ECU problem...but the check light warning appeared...isk

i met a dead end for today..called a few 1jz owners,and ask them about their opinion and they suggested,try changing the igniter first..and if that didn't work..i might have to sent it for a check up using a diagnose tomorrow i will borrow the igniter from Aim..till then....huhuhu

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