Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Melaka : A Place of History..

*Warning : this is not a Cars related post LOL

a little intro,on the place

sorry i been a away for a while..i had to attend a National Course at Melaka for almost a week...just got back,damn tired but it was fun!..so after the course ended my colleague and i decided to visited "Bandar Hilir" in Melaka before we when back to KL..
Flor De La Mar, the replica of Portuguese battle ship that invaded Melaka
one of the new attraction in Melaka,Taming Sari Tower
what u can see from the tower..the whole melaka town

Melaka Museum is one of many museum u can find here ,this building is actually a replicate of Melaka Palace during the glory empire..it is also said that the original size of the palace is 10 times bigger than the replica..huhu..

sadly the time wasn't on our side as we only given about an hour to wonder around..but that will do, as it also help me release some stress of work, and life,kinda like a quick tour or a short holiday hahaha...

remember that history is important,with out it we are a nothing..(hehe must be the effect from the course i attend)

so to all my friends outside of Malaysia who decided to come for a holiday,this is definitely a place to be!

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