Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick Stop : Tong Turbo

Jai currently rebuilding his next drift car,so he is looking for a suitable turbo..where better place to go than Tong Turbo...i decided to follow as well,since i never been there before..

as he is busy talking to the shop assistant,my eyes are hooked on this...Greddy TD06 25G huhu... price?? rm3.8k nett..damn huhu...

look how small it is beside the mighty T88 huhu

if that not big enough,why dont u try this one?hahahaha


Marco said...

Haha some friends of mine stole a turbo just like that big yellow one from an old factory here in the US!

Temujin said...

Bought the turbo for my Red Tomato from Tong Turbo last time.. Was a hybrid Garrett pushing 320hp max..

Last I heard the new owner blew the turbo after few weeks of ownership.. huhuhuhu..

singbluesiliver said...

marco - haha,so do u guys try it on an engine,how the boost like?LOL

tem - the GK inherit force is strong in him hahaha..kalau dpt td06 25g tu pon dh kire syukur dah hahaha..."kalau" hehe