Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fifth Stage!

intial D fourth stage has ended a long time ago..ever wondered whats the fifth stage like??
read it on the manga version
it maybe not the best like the anime version,but at least u got the idea of what to expect :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wally for the day : Red Prince

dayum....cant stop looking at just perfect!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Box is Square

the batt box arrived already,its way better than the sample..really impressed with the outcome :)

interested? rm200 nett (can be custom according to ur battery size..p/s for sale in malaysia only hehe)
plz call or sms me at 012-6680474 Azrin..
but u need to deposit me rm50 first and time estimated to be done around 2 weeks after ordering

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prison Break....

no im not a convict but i feel like blogging about prison now, not an ordinary one, as it was among the oldest prison ever build in old that can be called a piece of history..Pudu Prison or Goal Pudu was first build on 1891 and 4 years later it was completed.
in the beginning
the entrance to the world of wall
build on 10 acre of land in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

the wall was full of mural over 384 meter long and was the longest in the world

Pudu Prison was closed in November 1996, it was open to the visitor after that..too bad i didn't have the chance to go there.

u must be asking why im posting all this...because yesterday 21/06/2010 this history place was gone forever from boleh land to make way for the so call future development..
the last moment..only the walls that was left in the way...actually the deconstruction already begin in early 2009..

more photo and great info here

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Icon of 100

If u dont know who is Daigo Saito or this 800hp jzx100 Mark II then u are not a fan of the x chassis
he own about 4 or 5 jzx100 and several jzx90 for practice used
Koguchi maybe the King of 180sx but Daigo Saito is the god of jzx100 hahahaha

Photos are from D1 fuji round 3
credit to Aaron Mai Photography

N/A is the best~

when u put a VQ45de of nissan president into a R32...i like it...but i still like what i have now...a turbo engine called the JZ!hahaha

Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting this weekend

19 -20 June 2010 Saturday and Sunday
Malaysian Japan Gt 4 2010 series
(p/s : if ur going do check out Yokohama Drift Demo at the car park..i heard the r32 V8 is ready to perform)
for more info

19 June 2010
i on the other hand will definitely gonna go and support a fellow Freedoms Crew in action!!
Burn and his trusty Mitsubishi Lancer A174


Thursday, June 17, 2010

POD on the home course

Malaysian Prince Of Drift, Tengku Djan showed how its done on a closed uphill road at Bukit Putus Negeri Sembilan..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

spirit carries on!

Dream Theater classic!and this never felt old :)

Lion that got a wings

people usually said that JZZ30 soarer is a smaller version of JZA80Supra..but as for me,im not a fan of supra,so i say not!! some of my favorite jzz30
Ryoji Jinushi of 4-Real Works
a privateer at the japan local event

Ueno Vertex jzz30 is still on top of my list!

Photo of the Day : The never ending work~

even storm trooper got other things to do beside work...
(photo credit to Ismi Izad..that is actually him btw LOL)

so i just find out that next week i have to work till late night on thursday and friday...there goes my plan to have a farewell dinner for my ex-boss and going on a trip to Perak, attending Megat Wedding so sorry guys

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technical : The Axle Code


for toyota model only, check the tag on the firewall

Axle Codes:
First Digit = Ring Gear Diameter
F=7.5" ('82-'86 A6 chassis)
G=8" ('86.5-'92 A7 chassis)

Second and third digits = Gear Ratio

28=4.300 (MA70 NA)
29=4.100 (JZA70)
30=3.727 (Late '89+ MA70 Turbo)
31=3.909 ('87-'89 MA70 Turbo)
32=6.591 OR 5.583
33=7.503 OR 5.583
34=6.781 OR 4.786
35=7.636 OR 5.600

Fourth Digit (number of pinion gears / LSD or Open)

2=2 Pinions Open
3=2 Pinions LSD
4=4 Pinions Open
5=4 Pinions LSD

since i haven't change to Independent Rear Suspension or IRS yet, the axle code on my car is wonder the respond feel great,the ratio is 4.3...fuh deng hehe...

jzx81 only!

more inspiring photo of the jzx81 drifting photo that i found over at google and challenge...
with missile bodykit
whats cracking hehe...seriously i got issue with the rear wing haha
garage miniz chaser
the chas...
i dream of black mamba...i mean cresta hahaha

big win mark II

i loike~ how bout u?hahaha

Sunday, June 13, 2010

who can't forget?

still remember this?

it return to Kidsheart shop for ECU tuning..the owner loose the ugly gt-wing already hehe..and Tezuka said 1.5j got so much torque!

this car remain to be my all time x8 inspiration LOL...

btw today i went for a ride in an uncle jzx81 mark II and i have to pull the seat recliner a lil bit to the back so that my head dont bump with the about frameless and low roof hahahaha..

Bring this back!

i miss this show...its fuckin funny!

listen to this hahaha

and the best of bender

Friday, June 11, 2010

El-Cheapo solution

(sample pic)
next,i was thinking of putting the battery at the instead of buying the expensive shining metal batt box,i already ordered this cheap but functional item..u should believed me when im say im cheap hahaha....


Last tuesday, Nick, Jepp, Mahfuz, joe40c and me went to I-city Shah Alam to check out a place for an upcoming event..i cant help myself staring and taking pic of the cool light pine tree..

the funny thing is,i used to live in shah alam for almost a year and a half,and the place im staying just beside this area,but i actually never been there till now hahaha

here is Jepp looking at the light on the tree...

i-city is business park full of shop lot and office,but the idea of putting lights on the tree is becoming an attraction for the visitor in and out of the place..hehe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

come and join us~

us??oh wait...(ran back to the house to check out the car)..nope...still a white 4door,old rusty car with a Toyota badge hahahaha..narf...

since im running out of thing to post..might as well help to promote this gathering...nothing in it for me,plus i dont see myself owning a R32 this time soon,hehe no if u got a nissan skyline, not nissan skyfiro (cefiro) or nissan skyni (sunny) why dont u join this gath....i certainly will not be there LOL~...just waiting for the official pic...huhu

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

need more yellow!

Special thanks to Dino and Speedhunters for posting this cool pic of Shinji Minowa Yellow Jzx90~ (previously was red) during round 3 of D1GP at Fuji.. but i need more!!cant seem to get enough of it,and i bet, neither did u
the yellow seem to blend with black and white stripe huhu
like Daigo Saito ride,this mean machine is also kitted with BN Sport
not digging the smoke taillight but seriously lovin those Koguchi Power wing

the spec
owner : Shinji Minowa
car : Hey Man!! Dunlop Mark II
model : jzx90
weight : 1380 kg
engine/mods : 2jz, HKS Fcon V-Pro, Turbo HKS T51R Kai, NOS, Koyo Radiator, Koyo Oil Cooler, Kakimoto Exhaust system
horsepower : 650ps
Suspension : GP sports Gmasters Pro
wheel and tire : SSR Type -F,18x10.5 offset +15 all, Dunlop Direzza Z1- 265/35 front and 275/35 rear
exterior : Bn Sport, Koguchi Power Gt-wing

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Scott!, its a Diagram~

for those who are using jzx81 wiring,hope this help

download it here

dont thank me..thank the nice people who took their time searching,learning,translating and scan it up to the thanks to who ever u are :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Fun Day to Dori

Saturday,the "bukit antarabangsa"guys in association with Jepp Hill Garage decided to go to the free run event at Mardi track..since we arrived early there not many cars,just us mainly..
its been a while since we last gathered all the member in one event,although it was only around 6 cars but it was very fun~

the only on board pic i manage to take inside Megat Ke70 sr/na...sorry folks no video hehe..lets do it again sometimes

first order of business

meet sonia and janice...hahaha no?!

the original plan was to service the current turbo,but when a friend of mine offered his turbo with a darn cheap price,i say what the heck~he changing to a single turbo so he wont be needing this twin..

btw im still waiting for the other pieces of the puzzle :P

Time Out~

the fun time..more laughter than the actual sport haha.. this is the "bukit antarabangsa" guys and me gonna be doing every thursday night..i used to play badminton before but it was about a year ago hehe..wanna make my life a little healthy again

here is may,promoting his rm130 full badminton package haha

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Panda Eyes..

this morning,when i looked at the mirror,there's a black circle around my eyes..lack of sleep..coz last night i help the "uncle" pick up his car from the workshop..

definitely an anti-climax pic....hahahaha

then we hang around Ampang with joe40c...only went home around 3a.m,then i realize its only tuesday..ahaahahah i thought it was friday already hehe..

oh btw r33 gtr wheels are the coolest 17inch factory stock wheels ever produce!period~hehe...
ZZzzzZz time