Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day of the X

Sunday 25th July 2010,the day finally came,and im excited to meet the fellow X8 owners for the 3rd time..the gathering starts at 4pm..i went for a wedding first in kajang and meet up Jaul,before we headed to Shah Alam..
its been raining since afternoon...and federal highway is quite congested even on sunday~wtf!
we are the first one to arrived at the location..isk..i was beginning to worry they might not show up
but as the time past by,the gang show up one by one,filling the empty car park and the restaurant
a total of 13 G/JZ X8 shown up from dead stock looks to the ultimate jdm style
not forgetting 1 jza70 supra and 2 celica supra members came to show their support over the gathering..
red seems to be a special color that day,as everyone was drooling over the soarer jzz30 that have just been imported recently from japan, kudos to the owner for having a big balls bring it over without any registration number yet hehe
and this red jzx80 which is also my favorite car of the day..perfect in every way...but need just a little bit of lowering down the car hehe
around 6pm we left the restaurant and decided to make a quick trip to the Dataran Shah Alam,we cause the traffic to slow down as the were watching the convoy of the Toyota clan..
once arrived we park and continue our chit chat and taking photo session

2 jzx80 that i think qualify to be the X8 representative

time is almost half past 7 pm, and its time for me to make a move as i have a family dinner that night..but before i leave we manage to take a group photo together and discuss future planning for the next event..

i would like to thanks all the guys that shown up that day,including Amat Dx, Nick, and Inche Helmi Dori-Dori..lets do it again next time :)

p/s: to viewmore photos plz go to facebook jzx81 only page!


how i wanted my car to look like in the near future
Vented Fiber hood,Big win kitted
a little bit of arch,definitely gonna have a 3 inch twin straight pipe at the back

maybe same color as well? we'll see :P

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Technical : Code For Trouble

diagnose it


posting will return to normal with picture since i got a replacement for the phone cable hehe thanks to Nick..
btw remember this special blue hood i mention before?actually its all fiber and its finally mine hahaha

will send it for custom air vent hehe

the bumper came as a package,since i will be using a BN Sport bumper in the future,i decided to sell this Stage 21 bumper off..

also yesterday i went to meet up Abg Man Sg. Buloh to pick up the digital float tank for my meter..check out the paint on his x8,nice with sparkling dust hehe...thats a bn sport front bumper!i liiiiiiike~

after almost a year worrying and budgeting how many fuel left in the tank!now no more my friend haha

i also updated the pic for the r32 4doors pic..enjoy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my review : i see Clone~

so here is the new Proton Waja replacement model, called Waja Impiana Lancer..Looks familiar? its a cheaper version of Mitsubishi Lancer with all its look and none of its performance..from what i heard it will using a 1.6 Mivec engine instead of the original 2.0 Mivec.. i know it maybe because of the agreement between Proton and MMC to keep their market secured. price wise is about rm30k cheaper from the original Lancer. im sure most Malaysian would love it,as long as its cheap, look good, performance is a second thing hahaha..u can always upgrade it, align with the spirit of Malaysia Boleh!! (Can!!)
dont have to cover it out, we already know LOL
15inch stock wheel
everything look the same from the outside.. its under license by MMC
240 km/h for 1.6cc engine fuh impressive
Clarion player, if i not mistaken the evo X i ride last time was Rockford Fosgate

auto granny,opss i meant tranny..

hmmmm offence proton and its not i dont support the Malaysia product, but its just a copy and paste job from MMC with 40% of its progress missing.. i would rather buy a toyota vios with that price..(if i have the money.. rm3.5k also cant afford..80k~LOL..forgive me,im being sarcastic to myself)

damn! i can be a car journalist...someone please hire me...hahahaha

funny as hell~

with Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr. Bean

Monday, July 26, 2010

wastegoat for life!

44mm + 3 inch straight twin pipe muffler ...brraaaaaaaaaaappppppppp~ sometimes i imagine things too much hahahaha

Hey,mister X

credit to Man Jayzet.

a few pics from the Malaysian Xseries Gathering is up at Facebook Jzx81 Only Page. the link is on the below right of this blog :) keep watching that page for more uploaded full review about the gathering soon..thanks

Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the Ground

thanks to Rob for the pic..exhaust at the rear door?Daigo Saito Jzx90 Style!

on the way~

Saturday, the guy from Wing Hin call saying that the clutch plate have arrived but the bearing might have to wait around 2 weeks as they need to order it directly from japan..huhu

sample pic of r154 clutch plate and bearing

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its not my time!

first of all i would to say thank you to Mr. Temujin for giving the link on about the exact price of the R32 4doors in my previous post and encourage me to go check out the i went to see the owner and soon after that another potential buyer arrived..i must say i was head over heels, the car was in a pristine condition,really worth it for rm35k..the car was original bought in from Japan to London by the previous owner..and the current owner used his student AP to bring it back to Malaysia in 2006.. .unlike the other buyer (an early 50 years old chinese man with his son in the 20),i didnt bother checking the engine becoz its just a stock rb20det or asking technical stuff to the owner..circling around for about 10 minute before i pop the last word in closing the deal..since i dont have enough cash at the moment,i offer the owner rm500 as a deposit,and request a week time to settle the payment..quickly he refused,and ask for 10% from the price he stated and a month to clear the rest...the other party left for a while after hearing that only to come back with the deposit..huhu i guess u all ready know the ending..

616..nice number

the original was a DE version, after a few series of overheating,owner change it to DET

interior..that's the future owner :)

noted that if i do buy the car, i have no intention to sell Jyu, the r32 will serve as my daily stock car (thats why i dont mind the engine) and the Mark II will continue to be my project poser car..but since that ain't gonna happen..the white rust bucket outside my house will remain to serve me for both occasion hahaha...

this is the second time, my closed encounter with r32 4doors...the first one was a few years back that was on sale for rm38k..and im not entitle to apply for a personal loan that moment..

truly is its not my time..yet..hahaha

Thursday, July 22, 2010

That time again~

where someone posted a car for sale...with a good opening price tag
and one of my personal favorite...R32 4door

aaaa....Rb20det is just perfect!

the question is to go for it or stick to the original plan~hmmmm

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Technical : Clutch Unit parts

basically 7M-GTE and 1JZ-GTE engine shares the same R154 is the pic of the component inside. btw i just order a clutch plate, oil seal and bearing from Weng Hin should be getting it by tomorrow :)

here is the link for the pic,alot of supra technical stuff inside,still some of it other toyota owners might find it help full

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

aaaa Wagon

last night conversation is about wagon...if i were to have a wagon here is my Evo 9 wagon

for sale at mudah

Monday, July 19, 2010

Midnite Monster

what so monster about it...just a midnight purple color....wait till u see and hear the video...

2jz with estimated about 7 to 800hp...HKS T51R Kai ball bearing sound is so damn awesome!!
more spec and pic

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Email : Missing Cat


LOL~this dude is so funny..
more of his funny email here

Thursday, July 15, 2010


effective 16 July 2010,the Malaysia petrol price will increase by 5 cent per liter making

Ron97 = rm2.10
Ron95 = rm1.85

something is not right...i gotta feeling by end of this year there will another petrol hike...but as much as i hate it...complaining aint gonna change its better to just shut up and keep quiet...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

smoked by Saike

Ex White River jzx81 is actively making smoked in Finland thanks to its owner Kimmo Saike

white car,white heavy remind me of BonBon Chaser somehow


sitting inside a R34 while going for short drive made me realize that a sport car will remain as it is and a modified daily sedan car will never come close to being a sport car...hard for me to explain but the major 2 things that a sport car have is stability and feel...Stability in term of the purpose of the car made by the manufacturer,and feel is just something i cant describe in words..hehe

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broken RB

i always thought that rb20det was the toughest engine in the RB series..

until i saw this...there's always a first time for everything right?hehe

the new rebuild rb20det,the owner claim it will be a 1jz stock killer...jeng jeng jeng hahaha

oh meet Boy of Jepp Hill Garage :)

Working on a Bathtub!

LOL,i meant a wheel tub hehe..

Weld by Za!

Joe40c and Za at work

side view

done for the driver side,moving on to the harder part :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

too much 100

its drooling time again!
most of the team are using x100..and live in Japan..goreat!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

no, nope and definitely never~

From Noriyaro

yeah its slammed alright...but why in the world its in flat black??seriously i got major problem with flat black cars (like a said before only Rauh Welt Porsche can cut it..other than that...epic fail!)..i would rather let my car rust than spraying it with that color..LOL