Tuesday, July 6, 2010

back for round two

yeah we went to the city of entertainment again last saturday night hehe

filling up gas and checking the tire pressure..6 cars was on this trip,3 of it is a cefiro..

remember the advan rs that i posted before?well this the car..proton gen 2 that look like its been on steroid...think u can smoke it?? sure or not??think again...the engine is a evo 6.5 tommi makinen edition

first check point before we went uphill

arrived!after almost an hour around 4am,we headed down and went for a morning breakfast at mcd..only to arrived home at 6am...darn im sleepy hehe...

i in need of a new set of clutch plate...having hard time shifting gear...until i get the clutch and the turbo change..no more genting uphill trip huhu

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